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Career Tips for Students

Sutopa, who was one of the brightest individuals all through her academics, struggled to land a job conveniently due to prerequisites of prior experience in relevant fields. Even after managing to get employed after many hardships, she found it extremely difficult to sync with the environment that an actual profession had to offer her. Getting in the same line with colleagues, working as a team, taking quick decisions, facilitating proper communication were some of the factors that gave her constant headaches. Sutopa realized, it would have been great if she had gone through all such experiences at an earlier stage of her life, even before completing her studies.
It is a common experience shared by thousands of individuals like Sutopa who do not have prior work experience. The days of landing a dream job right after graduation are long gone and nowadays, even great results do not guarantee a good job. As results do not reflect the professional aptitude of a candidate, what is the best way out to measure the attributes of a candidate in this highly competitive job market?
The answer is advanced preparation. A candidate can be prepared beforehand with experience and skills even before entering the job sector. These extra attributes will help the individual to find a job in Bangladesh and also perform well as a professional after completing his/her academics.  Todays article will deliver some of the tips and tricks about how to start off a career by going through the right places to earn the most favorable prerequisites and becoming successful as a future employee at a reputed organization.

Join a club

There are numerous clubs with various functionalities right from schools to universities ranging in different activities such as art & culture, photography, debate, IT, entrepreneurship, etc. These clubs are generally run by students as volunteers and it is a great idea to become an active member in any of such clubs depending on the individuals personal preferences. These clubs offer initiatives where one can be engaged in productive activities to sharpen skills and enhance cognitive ability.
Furthermore, most of such clubs run according to some rules and regulations which are maintained by members who are designated with special roles. A candidate can earn the position of being a responsible member with top performance and thus earning a place in the clubs running committee and gaining leadership and other professional skills as a result.  One more thing about joining a club is being able to identify the area of selfmotivation. By participating in social issues through social clubs, they can also contribute towards an individuals social responsibilities.

Work as an intern

Internship is an excellent way to work as an apprentice and gain real job experience. There was this belief among many that an internship is only possible after graduation but these days it is possible to work as an intern while continuing studies or during vacation in long or short phases. There are various organizations who offer internship opportunities such as volunteers for youth and corporations who want to add to their workforce. Such jobs will prepare the candidate with practical lessons about the job environment and also offer a wide spectrum of learning opportunities.
Most internship tasks are unpaid work opportunities while a few provide transportation and food allowance. To find the perfect internship opening that would enhance your skills to land an actual job for a concrete career path, one needs to be very aware and proactive. Apart from roughly looking online, job websites and potential employer websites are fruitful places to search for the best prospects.

Parttime jobs

Parttime jobs offer the chance of earning money as well as experience while continuing studies. Many multinational companies, even management firms offer contractual or long term parttime jobs for students. These offers prevail in large numbers especially in organizations like call centers, customer service, restaurants, etc. Students often earn enough to accumulate their pocket money as well as some of the cost of their studies by working in Parttime jobs. These opportunities are increasing in our country as well, notably in special occasions during the year such as fairs and festivals.
As more events are being organized due to the emergence of trade and IT concerns, students are being benefitted by the influx of parttime job opportunities which these events offer. An individual can hone their skills of networking, link building, team playing, decision making and presentation skills by actively participating in such jobs and be benefitted for the entire lifetime. As parttime jobs offer real working environment, such experiences are highly valued during applying for an actual permanent job after completing studies.

Become a volunteer

People often think that working as a volunteer is about doing hard work without any compensation but its actually a misconception. Volunteering allows an individual to fully utilize the free time in between studies and its a global phenomenon among the youth today. The two main advantages of being a volunteer are that one is able to contribute to social welfare and benefit from selfdevelopment as well. Volunteering opens the doors to address actual problems of people all around and hence contributes in building up strong characteristic skills right from the student life. These lessons later help the volunteer to take new initiatives in the job life.
Many international organizations often offer travelling facilities for volunteers and as a volunteer has to communicate people from different tiers of the society, it offers a learning prospect to know about different cultures and heritages. To get to know about volunteering scopes, one should look up at specific websites, as well as, academic institutions and own neighborhood for opportunities.


If you are one of those rebellious individuals who do not want to bind yourself with a 9 to 5 schedule then freelancing is the right place for you. Freelancing is one of the most popular work styles among young people all over the world. The best part about this technology dominated task is that a freelancer is not a subordinate to anyone. Income can be generated by simply completing tasks assigned by clients within the given time. Starting from copy writing to marketing, sales, designing and photography, there are a bundle of job categories for a freelancer to choose from.
It is mandatory to prepare yourself first if you want to earn from home while competing with millions of talented individuals worldwide. It is required to be dedicated about the work and stay updated with the latest trends and demands of the market. Freelancing is contributing in earning remittance as thousands of individuals are working hard in this highly lucrative platform where there is flexibility and liberty of working on ones own rules.

Launch a startup

Are you concerned about the existing problems in the society? Do you want to come up with solutions while making a platform for yourself?  If the answer is yes, then a successful startup is the dream that will keep you awake for good. Simply put, to come up with a solution for addressing an existing social issue with a business approach is a startup. These initiatives take much hard work in the beginning. As lack of funds is a key factor, new ideas and smart utilization of technology are major requirements in running a startup.
Directing a business with prosperity and enriched development requires massive research and development. Furthermore, the entrepreneur has to fulfill all the responsibilities starting from that of a field worker and administrative roles. New ideas that emerge while being university students, if implemented properly, it is not impossible that splendid works like 10 Minute School can also be established
In the end, let us not forget that hard work is the architect of success. While hanging out with friends is essential in between studies, it is also required that one takes care of selfdevelopment and acts accordingly to make oneself fit for this world. It is necessary to set yourself up through your own entrepreneurship by working for someone else while there is still time. You might fail or struggle initially, but these sufferings will enrich you with experience. Here you will find a good article to Get Help for Your Job Search in Bangladesh.
Now is the time to plan ahead, to foresee the uncertainty of the future that lies ahead after graduation. Real job experience, accompanied by academic qualification, will set you up as the perfect candidate for the competitive job market of today.

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