EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a recommended tool to recover your data

Need to recover your deleted data but don’t know how? Recovering deleted files from your computer due to accidental error, formatting, disk corruption and other cases, is an operation that is almost impossible, but thanks to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard you can do it without any problem whatsoever. The software is in fact freely downloadable from the official website in Free version, but later you can buy the Premium version.

The difference between the two versions is that with the Free version you can recover files up to 500 megabytes in size. However, for simple use, the free version is enough to accompany your days. But if you are dealing with data recovery regularly, switching to paid options is a reasonable choice. Following are some important points in data recovery using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Just keep reading!

Recovering deleted files has never been easier

If you do not want to purchase the Premium version you can share the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) to get 1.5 Gigabytes for free. In this way you will have 2GB of data to recover. You don’t need deep knowledge of computers as what you have to do is just follow the simple guidelines given step by step. As long as you can read, you can run this versatile program without any difficulty.

Let’s see how the Free Data Recovery Tool works in order to recover deleted files from your computer.

How to recover deleted files from PC

The first thing to do is to download the software from the official EaseUS website and install it on your computer. We remind you that the program to recover deleted files is available for both Windows and MacOS. You can download the program for free. Just download and start the installation.

How EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works

If you have downloaded the Free version, in the main screen, you can purchase the Premium version by simply clicking the “Update” button at the top right. To start with, select the disk where you want to search for the deleted file, in our case the partition will be C; click on “scan”.

In any case, it will also be possible to select other partitions, so as to be able to recover the deleted data also on the other disks. In the screen that will open after starting the scan you will see that “all file types” are set by default.

First, the quick scan will start and, once finished, the in-depth scan will begin within each individual folder on the selected disk. The in-depth scan should only be used when you cannot find certain files. But based on our experience, the quick scan feature is able to provide satisfactory recovery results. This is quite effective even when compared with more expensive software.

Once the in-depth scan is complete, simply select the folder or the deleted file that you are interested in retrieving and click on the “retrieve” button, located at the bottom right.

This application is the only one that really recovers deleted files from your PC. We have tried many, but only EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard guaranteed us the effective recovery of important files that had been deleted from our PC. To conclude, we want to inform you that this application is also available for Android and for iOS. By serving the two most popular operating systems in the world, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has built its influence in the global computer world. Hopefully this short article can satisfy your curiosity about how you can recover deleted files.

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