Common Sports Injuries and How To Prevent Them

It is likely that anybody who has ever been involved in sports has injured themselves in some way. Our bodies suffer a lot of stress and trauma when participating in sports, because they are physically demanding.

There are many common sports injuries in the world of athletic endeavors. It’s inevitable that you’ll suffer an injury eventually, no matter how well you keep yourself in shape. It’s not just professional sportspeople that get injuries either, anyone can get an injury, but it is important you know how to take care of it, especially if you are pushing for a career in a particular sport.

For example, if you play college basketball, in the hopes of making it to the NBA, then you need to do everything you can to prevent an injury. An injury could set you back greatly, and on another note, an injury to a key player on a specific team could lead to changes in the best college basketball bets today.

The summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to enjoy outdoor sports. Get information here on how to avoid common sports injuries and how to treat them so you can enjoy the summer without pain.

1. Runner’s Knee

One of the most common sports injuries treated by orthopedic surgeons is knee injuries. Regularly replacing your running shoes and insoles is one of the best ways to prevent injuries. It is advisable to take anti-inflammatory medications after an injury and take a break from exercise for a few days.

2. Shoulder Injury

There are a number of sports that can cause shoulder injuries. Stretching properly before exercising is the best form of prevention. In addition, taking a break and taking anti-inflammatories can be effective treatment.

3. Achilles Tendinitis

There can be major inflammation and pain in the Achilles Tendon back of the ankle if it is overused. You can prevent this injury by strengthening your calf muscles and stretching them. In case of injury, use RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate), and anti-inflammatory medications. Exercise should be avoided until the injury has fully healed.

4. Concussion

Disorientation and dizziness are common symptoms of this injury caused by a blow to the head. It is best to avoid all contact sports as a preventative measure. In addition to rest and acetaminophen, recovery requires time and patience.

5. Ankle Sprain

Running and turning quickly are two of the most common causes of ankle sprains. In order to prevent ankle injuries, you should strengthen your ankles as much as possible. Move the ankle to increase blood circulation and treat with RICE and anti-inflammatory medications.

6. Tennis Elbow

It is estimated that elbow injuries account for about 7% of all sports injuries. As before, strengthening exercises can prevent the injury and should be followed up with RICE, physiotherapy, and anti-inflammatory medications to treat the inflammation.

7. Pulled Muscle

Hamstrings and calves are the most frequently pulled muscles. Proper stretching is the key to prevention. Stretching and RICE are the best ways to treat this condition.

8. Groin Strain

Runners who make a sudden change of direction usually suffer from this type of injury. Stretching is the best preventative measure for this kind of injury, which is one of the worst sports injuries. Taking it easy for a couple of weeks, using RICE, and taking anti-inflammatory medications will help you heal from pulling your groin.

9. Shin Splints

An inflammation of the muscles surrounding the inner side of the shinbone causes shin splint pain. Preventing this injury will be as simple as wearing good shoes and stretching. The injured area should be iced, stretched, and anti-inflammatory medications should be taken.

10. Lower Back Pain

There are a variety of sports activities that can result in lower back pain. It is best to warm up properly, and treat with anti-inflammatory medications, RICE, and stretching.

Taking Care of Your Body

It’s important to ensure your body is appropriately prepared for sports so you won’t suffer common injuries. In order to maximize your performance, it is essential to stretch, warm up, and hydrate appropriately before and during your workout.

Sports are demanding and take a toll on your body, no matter how good of shape you keep yourself in. Make sure you are a smart athlete so that you can enjoy your favorite sports pain-free for many years to come!

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