Best 5 Household & Cleaning Products Under $50

The average customer is swimming in stuff, with more than 300,000 items available to keep your home neat and clean from different online shopping stores. But what if, instead of buying more things, we just bought smarter? If you’re looking to make your life easier, more efficient, and more fun without breaking the bank, we’ve rounded up best 5 genius products under $50 that make the perfect addition to any home. And for more ways to make every day better than the last, check out these products on costco and save more on your shopping bill using costco coupon code.

Clorox dishwash soap detergent for $23

Powerful and refreshing Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach is specially designed to quickly and effectively clean, disinfect and deodorize a variety of surfaces. It removes tough stains, grease, dirt and kills 99.9% of germs while eliminating odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. It’s great on hard, nonporous surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom sinks, counters, refrigerators, appliances, bathtubs, toilets, fiberglass, floors, showers and tiles. Featured in this combo pack is a 32 ounce, Smart Tube Technology spray bottle, which lets you spray every last drop, plus a 180 ounce refill bottle that can fill more than five 32 ounce spray bottles. Clorox Clean Up Cleaner with Bleach leaves your house smelling fresh and sparkling clean.

Castile soap for $45

Diluted, vegetable-based castile soap makes a useful all-purpose cleaner. The great thing about castile soap is you always get this nice squeaky clean feel. It’s nice for people who don’t like enchanted forest or lemon fresh or whatever the scent you find with cleaning companies.

It Kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, including the cold & flu virus by the micro bubbles that penetrate and dissolve grease and soap scum. It is an All-Purpose cleaner with no harsh chemical residue, bleach free. No gloves, masks, or protective eye wear needed while using this product. Leave your home or office deodorized with citrus sparkle scent and enjoy amazing ambience all day long.

Polish with a Microfiber Cloth for $15

Microfiber cloths excel at putting the finishing touches on mirrors, countertops, and even tile and fixtures. After cleaning surfaces with your favorite cleaning solution and drying them off with a terry cloth rag or a separate microfiber cloth, polish them to a mirror finish with a dry microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are perfect for this because they pick up dust, wipe off smudges and don’t shed any fibers.

You’ll find microfiber cloths wherever cleaning supplies are available on and can also save more on your billing by buying them by using costco coupon code. You can also buy them in bulk at wholesale clubs and use them throughout your house for all kinds of other cleaning chores. Add them to your cart for only $15

Acid magic toilet cleaner for only $45

If you have a lot of iron in your water and struggle with rust stains in your toilet or bathtub, here’s a perfect solution. Acid Magic dissolves rust. It’s as powerful as muriatic acid but much safer and more pleasant to use. You should still take all the precautions you would with any strong cleaning solution, like wearing gloves and safety glasses when you’re using it. But it’s better than regular acid because there are no noxious fumes, and it won’t burn your skin.

To clean rust from toilets and other porcelain surfaces, add one part Acid Magic to three parts water. Apply the mixture to the rust stains with a sprayer, brush or foam pad and watch the stain dissolve. Rinse with clear water. You can also use it full strength for stubborn stains. Avoid getting the acid on metal parts because they can discolor

Clean Grout with a Bleach Pen for $20

Costco recommends using a bleach pen to transform your grout from grungy to great. This method is tedious, but the payoff is crisp, clean grout lines. Use the pen to ‘draw’ bleach across the grout lines. The pen allows you to target the grout without getting bleach all over the tile. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse.

For really mildewed grout, you may need a second application, and it can help to gently scrub the bleach into the grout with a toothbrush before allowing it to work for 10 minutes. Make sure to run the fan in the bathroom and to avoid skin contact. This method is best for light or white grout. If you have colored grout, test a small area first. add this item to your cart from costco and use costco coupon codes to further taper down your expenses.

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