8 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Activity

Now a day’s parenting is one of the most difficult jobs. Concerned parents are always working for the successful upbringing of their child; they do their best to keep their child away from the bad influence of other people. In this modern world all this is not enough at all because each and every teenager has access to a Smartphone because it is a need of the time and it seems like they can’t survive without it and if you don’t provide them with one than you will be marked as the “bad guy” who does not want their child to be happy. Now we understand that parents can only stop the physical threats which try to reach their child but these methods fail miserably against online threats which their child is facing on the social platforms. This is the reason why you have to be smarter than your smart child so that you can keep a hawk eye on every activity they make online which can only be made possible with the use of spying software.

Here is a so list of top 8 Mobile apps where you can monitor your child’s activity:

·        The BlurSPY:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity
There is no spying app available on the whole internet which can compete with the speed, security, reliability, and effectiveness of The BlurSPY Cell Phone Spy App. This state of the art spying assistant is your one-stop solution to all the parenting problems you are currently facing. With this Android Spy on your side you can spy on every social platform your child is looking into, be it WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Tinder or Snap Chat, in addition to that this tool helps you to view call logs, text messages, exact location, call history and screenshots. This smart mobile application has helped millions of parents while dealing with young ones.

·        Xnspy:

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If you find ever spy app to be similar, you can simplify your selection and just go for Xnspy. This spyware works with both Android and iOS and the subscriptions prices are great; lowest for any spyware currently available. And that’s not just what’s great about Xnspy. It comes with over 35 different features, giving you all-around access to the data stored on a person’s smartphone. Our top pick is definitely Xnspy because of the value for money that it brings along. And in case you have to deal with some trouble while using Xnspy, there’s a 24/7 chat support available in 6 different languages.

·        Highster:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity

Highster is also one of the leading Spy tools which are available in the market. The main advantage of using this spying tool is that you don’t need to have the possession of the targeted phone; you can just remotely spy on whatever Smartphone you want without the fear of being caught. Highster allows you to have unlimited access to the text messages, call history, GPS location, Facebook & WhatsApp messages, browser history, and e-mails.

·        FlexiSPY:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity

FlexiSpy is also considered as one of the best monitoring software’s which helps you keep an eye on the Android phone of your child as well as I-phone and desktop computer. This spy assistant helps you take control of the information these young buds are sharing with other people on the internet.


·        mSPY:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity
This is one of the leading parental control applications made for Smartphones. It enables the concerned parents to actively track and view GPS location, call logs, text messages and active records of Snap Chat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.


·        The Truth SPY:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity
The Truth Spy is widely considered as the finest spying application. Parents should no longer be worried about the well-being of their children because they can keep track of what is happening in the lives of their children without even being there. Once they have successfully installed The Truth Spy they should sit back and enjoy while viewing the call history, text messages, key logs, exact active location and emails sent and received by your child.


·        LetMeSPY:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity
With this advanced spying software by your side, you can put all your suspicions to rest. The suspicions you have regarding the safety of your children and about how to handle the situation which is going out of hand. You can rely on this amazing spying tool to give you detailed reports on what your child is doing on his smartphone at the moment and what else he has been doing previously. It actively keeps a track of call history, text messages, GPS location, emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger and much more with just a swipe of your finger.


·        Mobile-Spy:

7 Best Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Child's Activity

This spying application is here for monitoring the online activities of your underage child, employee or spouse with proper consent. This mobile spy has the feature that there should be proper consent by the employ or the child which is being monitored which does not make it very fun to use but it is efficient enough that  it makes up with this loss of secretly spying on someone by providing state of the art spying features which enables the

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