6 Different Types of Shower You Can Install In Your Bathroom

Most people consider that finding the right shower for their bathrooms is an easy task. These people usually end up with something they are not happy & satisfied with and that doesn’t suit their requirement.

Therefore, before buying any shower for your bathroom, you need to understand your complete plumbing system. This will allow you to make a list of suitable shower models. Usually, the selection of shower depends on the water pressure in your pipes at your home.

Older houses have low water pressure system and modern houses have high pressure due to the presence of combi-boiler.

Due to high pressure, you will have power showering experience at your home, especially, if you have installed a mixer shower with a deluge showerhead. Have a look at different types of showers you can install at your bathroom.

#1. Digital Type of Showers

If you want to have a mixture of high-pressure water and low-pressure water at you home then digital showers are the best choice. This shower offers pumped valves for low-pressure gravity systems and high pressure for combi boilers. You can enjoy the various features offered by the digital shower.

These features will definitely improve your lifestyle. In addition to this, people change the setting of the shower and personalize their showering experience. This will never let you feel bored with your shower.  Every time you will have a new experience. You can also change the temperature of water by using Mode App. This offers you the reassurance of high-level safety and security.

To install these shower in your bathroom call the professionals like level 2 electrician Sydney who can perform bathroom electrical equipment installation. Or, in case you find that your shower is not working properly then prefers to call professionals rather than doing it by yourself.

#2. Mixer Type of Showers

If you want to purchase a standard mixer shower, make sure to look out for a model that provides thermostatic control. Sometimes if we vary the water pressure, temperature also changes but this is not the case in Mixer Showers. In this type of shower, the temperature remains constant even after varying the water flow rate.

Mixer showers can be bought surface mounted or as valves that fixed on your wall. Generally, surface mounted models are easier to install as they fix to the front of a tiled wall, however, built-in valves give a stylish, minimalist look which can be useful in a small space.

#3. Latest Electric Showers

It is one of the most installed shower types. This type of showers even does not stop working when your boiler is not able to work. The electric shower is integrated with the main water supply that delivers cold water. These showers are very optimum in working, making them a perfect option for big families.

These electric showers offer good performance, such as Sports Max. These electric showers are the best choice if you want to install a mixed water shower in your bathroom. Never install these shower at you home on your own because it can be highly dangerous, call the professionals.

In addition to this, if you find your shower is not working appropriately, stop using that shower. Call the professionals like licensed electrician Sydney and immediately fix the problem. Until the problem is resolved, do not use this shower

#4. Power Showers

These types of shower are perfect for those places that never faces water problem. On the other hand, the power shower is not suitable for high-pressure systems. All-in-one power showers also have a built-in pump to increase water pressure even further.

#5. Concealed Showers

These are one of the most visually pleasing types of showers, concealed showers are a great choice when if you want to improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is clear from its name that concealed showers are not instantly visible and suit the minimal design theme to a tee. Concealed showers are also the best choice if you want to save your space and want to maximize the use of your shower.

This type of shower is installed on the ceiling that provides it with the ability to offer great flow coverage.  If we talk about different types of water flow, most concealed showers have 4 variations of flows: rain, waterfall, revolve and mist. This gives you various choices on how much water pressure you want on your body.

#6. Exposed Rain Showers

Usually, everyone finds the rain to be truly relaxing to look at and to feel.  Many have had unforgettable experiences walking or even playing in the rain. Fortunately for most homeowners today, the wind and the rain can be recreated in home bathrooms.

Exposed rain showers are a great way to experience the soothing feeling of without worrying about getting your clothes and personal items wet. The chance to enjoy such a refreshing feeling whenever you want to and in the comfort of your own home can be priceless for many.

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