10 Creative Ideas to Upgrade Your House Interior

Modern. Contemporary. Minimalist. Scandinavian. Bohemian. What would be your pick when it comes to house interior? I would go with contemporary. I like keeping current with styles, whether it be in clothing or decorating my personal space. Simplicity, sophistication, clean lines and texture is what defines the contemporary style of decorating.

The best thing about the contemporary style is that the interior highlights just space and not things. Color, shape, and space play an integral part when it comes to contemporary style interior and give a fresh and sleek look to the house. Use of neutral or black and white colors along with simple, uncluttered furniture and bare flooring, are features typical of a contemporary interior. However, everyone has his/her own taste when it comes to decorating his/her house.

Some people prefer a transition between traditional and modern style, hence opting for a transitional look. While some individuals have adopted a carefree lifestyle that reflects in their choice of the interior as well. These individuals opt for the Bohemian style. No matter what style defines you, an upgrade of the interior is necessary occasionally. And you do not need to spend hefty amounts on hiring interior designers for this. Just get an internet connection with good downloading speed – I use Spectrum Internet, which is just great. After that, you may choose from the sea of ideas available online.

Some creative ideas to upgrade your house interior are as follows:


  1. Gallery Wall:

Don’t you, at times, wish that the wall resting beside the staircase were more than just a concrete structure painted in white or grey? Don’t you, at times, want to bring this boring wall to life? Well, I know the trick. Consider flooding this wall with pictures of your mom, dad, siblings, dog, grade 2 teacher (maybe?). You can choose from a variety of frames and play around with the sizes of each frame. You can even make variations when it comes to the color of the photos. Avoid putting up all colored or all black and white pictures. And choose pictures that tell a story or have an interesting background to it. Once you have created a gallery wall, keep changing it every now and then.


  1. Curtains as room dividers:

The curtain is the new door. Trust me when I tell you to use curtains as dividers rather than doors. Choose from plain solid colored curtains or printed ones. Curtains help add space to your rooms without you having to compromise on the privacy. All these features make curtains the perfect candidate for a divider.


  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Hang decorative mirrors on your wall(s). When I say hang mirrors on your walls, I do not mean start displaying them on any wall that you please. You should put in thought when it comes to the angles and walls that the mirrors should be hung on. Choose from different designs, shapes, and frames of mirrors. And more importantly, consider the room that you plan to place or hang the mirror(s) in.


  1. Rugs as hallway runners:

Rugs are a perfect decorative tool that enhances the length of your room and makes it appear bigger than its usual size. Apart from this, the adorning patterns and colors that they are available in, give character to the otherwise lifeless floor. It is just as great as it gets because of the way it presents itself to the utmost elegance.


  1. Bright pillows:

Decorate your couches or floors with some bright colored and beautiful patterned pillows and cushions. Paired with white furniture, bright colored pillows and cushions help liven the whole mood of the room and provide a good contrast. Well having bright pillows can always be an added edge and works great for any house interior because normally you don’t get to see such colors.


  1. Two-toned walls:

Monotones are boring. You know what is better than monotone walls? Two-toned walls. Walls that are painted two-toned are pleasing to the eyes as long as the contrasting colors are picked carefully. Avoid using unappealing color combinations. This is obviously a great pick if you love experimenting with walls.


  1. White furniture:

White furniture is famous amongst people for many reasons. Having an expensive look even though it isn’t is just one of the many reasons people choose white furniture over brown or any other color. Apart from this, white furniture gives your rooms a chic look yet being simple.


  1. Wall of plates:

Who said plates are only meant to have dinner in? They have an even better purpose in life and that is to serve as wall decorations. Choose from an array of vintage, colorful or monotone plates, create a combination and hang them on a wall for visitors to see.


  1. Stained glass windows:

Give character to your rooms by installing stained glass windows in them. You have the liberty of choosing from different patterns and colors that you think will go with the room. You can even experiment by placing the stained glass on ceilings or shelves and give the room a classic feeling.


  1. Roof windows:

Consider installing roof windows in your house. These windows allow skylight and air to enter the rooms in a rather stylish way.

While I have made a list of ten ideas to up your house interior game, remember that these are not the only ways by which you can add character to your house. You just need to be a little creative. Get ideas from the internet on sites like Pinterest or Instagram. Accessing these sites is not at all a difficult task these days.

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