Why You Should Do User Research before Starting an App Development?

The mobile app industry is faster day by day. It continues to grow at exponential rates. Mobile app developers are faced with great in the market. It is often quite intimidating. There are several hybrid monetization models like in-app purchases and advertisements. There is not end to this. In the year of 2019, there are many new changes in the trends of framework. There is also changes in the design of the apps. This shows how fast the market and consumer patterns change from time to time.

How exactly will a new app survive when the patterns are constantly changing?

In order to survive in such a competitive market, it is important to do some user research. It will help you in identifying the gaps in the market. These gaps can be filled up with a level of creativity and authenticity.

A majority of people understand the concept of standard usability testing as the basic technique. The importance of usability testing is important because of the guarantee it offers for user-centered processes. In reality, there are a lot of elements involved in this spectrum. Let’s take a look at the topic of user research. We are going to discuss the relevance of offering a better user experiences with the help of research.

What is User Research?

The questions regarding user research which is also known as design research, often relate to the exact methods included. It is a broad spectrum that includes everything, ranging from cultural and ethnic interviews of the target audience to the statistics of the return on investment. The primary goal of any user research is to bring people to the center of the design process. The results of the production should be considered with the user in mind. User research inspires the design. It helps in evaluating the solutions.

The research includes both qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative methods include interviews and testing. This requires in-depth knowledge of the daily activities. Quantitative methods include numeric data like surveys and experiments. This helps in measuring user behavior. Each method in this process has its own set of pros and cons. Each of them is used to achieve a different set of goals.

Why is User Research Important?

1. Creating relevant designs

User research helps in developing an understanding of the target audience. It helps you understand how the people who use the app. Whether the design that you have made is creation relevant to them.

If you are unable to have a clear understanding of your users’ choices and habits, it can lead to failure. The basics of this process focuses on having empathy for your users. User research is a great way to do this. Interviews and surveys can help in this case. It is supposed to be done at the beginning of the project. If you are directly involved with your target audience in the design process, you will get to know what exactly your users want.

2. Offering ease of use

A product needs to maintain a high level of usability. It must be easy to use. User tests can be conducted for this. Your users are going to expect your app to be easy to learn and use. Neglecting the user experience in the design process, will lead to target users leaving your app. A commercially successful app needs to offer ease and comfort of use.

3. Offers value to the users

Conducting user tests will inform you what your users need in this constantly changing environment. We often think that the changing environment is affecting the needs of the users, But in reality, it is opposite. The constantly changing needs of the users is something that affects the changing environment.

If what you are offering to your users is not actually useful for them, it is pointless. When you put in efforts and resources into conducting user tests, you will realise how important it is. The importance or the effect of these tests cannot be seen right away. Sometimes they are only known after the product or the app reaches the market. Mobile app developers need to be really careful here. They must work with a team of designers, social media experts and a research team that has a proper understanding of what a user wants.

4. The Return on Investment

Even though brands and companies are aware of how important user research is to the success of the app, there is still a lack of funding in the research processes. Because UX Design and user research are intangible, it is quite difficult to convince investors regarding the importance of research. If this viewable, it might be easier to convince them. In most apps or products, the initial cuts are made in the budget for UX Design. The effect of these cuts is not immediate. But it is noticeable in the form of bad design, incapable features or a slow software.

But if you are able to reflect the return on investment from the UX Design, it might be easier for the stakeholders and investors to understand. A lot of successful brands and businesses have become successful because they put user experience before anything else. It requires you to look into a user’s sales journey. By measuring their experience, it will be helpful for you to decide the return on investment.


User research is an extremely important at every stage of the mobile app development services. Conducting research before beginning the design will help you to understand what your customers need. Conducting continuous tests with the consumers help in making sure that the app is able to create an impact on the users. It considers, analyzes and tests the results of the ultimate ROI and thus leads you to a sure victory. Mobile app development companies need to step up their game in order to reach their target users and being able to impress them. For this, they require a good research team and proper funding from the investors.

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