Why You Should Buy a Motorcycle?

In today’s advancing metropolis, most of the roads were built around the idea of using cars and buses; and the most time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient way to transportation is now by the car. That’s why many people are rethinking about the usage of motorcycle, one of the world’s most fun and efficient forms of motorized transports.

Motorcycles used to be the main vehicle for hardcore riders and enthusiast before, but advances in technology and painful increase in traffic are making more and more people to take them as more of an attractive option for transporting. Also when the weekend arrives, you can take a joyful ride with your significant other or your best friend for a long drive — on your two-wheeled pride and joy. Today we will discuss why people are turning more towards motorcycles and what are the prime benefits only a motorcycle can offer you :
Overall cost efficient
Not all motorcycles are created equal and there are so many options to choose from. The cost of a motorcycle can vary as much as its style and type—typically from 70-80k BDT to something quite pricey like 3-4 lakhs. Whatever the price, buying a bike will probably cost you less than purchasing a car, unless you are planning to buy and improvise a luxurious two-wheeler.
Also, the motorcycle itself will basically not going to be the only thing you pay for. There are many other important expenses of owning a motorcycle, including:
  • Motorcycle insurance and licences. The rate for a motorcycle will most likely be lower than a car, but policies vary, depending on the type of bike you’re riding and the type of use you are making out of it.
  • Helmets and other protective gear, which are very essential.
  • Modifications, if you think of getting a used motorcycle from reliable sources.
But still you can save a lot even after all these types of expenses. You can travel at a low cost, compared to when you didn’t own a motorcycle, the cost is almost less than 1/3rd your average transportation expenses, such as- CNG, online transportation services etc. Motorcycles can save you more money at the pump than a car. You it is because you need much lesser fuel for a motorcycle than an average car. Also, when tested for mileage, many bikes get at least as many miles per gallon as a car, if not much more.
Time Saver
This is one of the major benefits of owning a motorcycle, you save tons of time with it. You don’t have to wait long hours for a ride, pledge to each and every rickshaw-puller or cng-driver to take you on. Not only you get a ride faster, you can also move faster. Traffic cannot slow you down as motorcycles can move through narrow passages and busy roads easily. As a citizen of the busiest cities in Bangladesh, you can definitely think of having a quality motorcycle in your possession. It is very easy to park anywhere so you don’t have to waste time on finding a suitable parking space.
Positive Environmental Impact
With greater fuel savings comes the greater benefit for our environment. A higher kilometer-per-litre (kmpl) will directly lead to lesser carbon-dioxide emission from your bike-engine, and is a big perk when thinking of reasons to buy a motorcycle in Bangladesh.
Also,motorcycles’ relatively small size compared to a car has a positive impact. Fewer natural resources are typically needed to create a bike, and because of that, lesser raw materials are likely to have bought or mined for the process. Moreover, motorcycle saves more fuel and power, which helps the nature breathe its own way. And if the engine is cng-fueled or converted, you can cost lesser damage to your mother nature by choice.
A motorcycle’s lighter weight can also have a beneficial effect on national infrastructure. With a lower average weight than a car or larger road-vehicles, a bike will likely cause lesser wear and tear on a road, highway or bridge than a heavier, wider-set vehicle.
The reduced environmental impact of a motorcycle will help everyone to breathe easy. And in a busy city like Dhaka, where bikers are allowed to split lanes, the agility of a bike can help this city ease congestion to some extent. While the amount of time cars and buses spend idling the whole city everyday, motorcycles can somehow set you free.
Commuting and parking comfort
The simplest reason most people choose to ride a motorcycle is pure enjoyment. Some riders feel more meditative on their ride, while others get a rush of excitement from the smooth power provided by their motorcycles.
Either way, the streamline design of an average road bike limits the distractions, or opportunities of drivers getting distracted, which is a common phenomenon for those driving cars. It means most riders will be totally focused on the road.
Parking a motorcycle is much easier than parking most cars due to one obvious factor—they’re usually much smaller than their all other automotive cousins. Parking in urban or congested areas can be a huge cause of stress, which a motorcycle can help relieve to a great extent. You won’t need to look long for a parking space and it takes around 1/8th of the space occupied by a car. Not only it looks cooler, it also gives you cool benefits that no other vehicle can offer.
There are many benefits of riding a motorcycle, and they can all be yours. But making the big decision to get one is only the tip of the iceberg. You need a motorcycle that fits your need and budget and also you need the right gears and training to stay safe on road. To ensure you make the most of your purchase, check out our article on Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle.

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