Why Kids Monitoring is Important for Parents?

The prevalence of digital technologies such as mobile phone, computer and the internet has put up parents’ responsibilities. They are bound to safeguard their offspring from innumerable dangers including cyberbullying and child predation. The most suitable way to ensure their protection is child monitoring. Parents must be watchful about the digital behavior of their teens and tweens to prevent them from wrongdoings.

The role of parental monitoring software in keeping an eye on kids and protecting them from potential threats is important. The software enables parents to supervise their children from anywhere. Read on to know why kid monitoring is important and how parental control app facilitates tracking offspring.

What is the Importance of Kid Monitoring for Parents?

There are innumerable reasons to monitor children and the foremost concern is protection. Parents watch out their offspring to protect them from potential dangers of the real and computer-generated world. It is important to keep an eye on kids to protect them from harassment, child molestation and several other vulnerabilities. We have discussed here the perks of kids monitoring that elaborate the usefulness of keeping tabs on offspring.

Combat Bullying & Child Predation

There are harassers and predators that are on the lookout for adolescents. Tracking younger children is important to safeguard them from online and face-to-face bullying and child molestation. By supervising digital devices of kids, parents can protect their kids from annoying, harassing and offending persons.

Protect Kids from Missing Out

The unsupervised trips of children increase their probabilities of missing out or getting kidnapped. By keeping an eye on kids, parents can protect them from getting lost or abducted. Many parents track their kids to schools to make sure they reach their destinations safely.

Prevent Teens from Wrongdoings

Keeping kids under surveillance is important to prevent them from wrongdoings. For instance, if your teen teases someone, you must know about it to keep him from such misconduct. Monitoring the online lives of children helps to restrict them from getting engaged in online crimes and objectionable digital behavior.

Role of Parental Control and Monitoring Software

In this digital age, there is a mobile phone app or software to perform almost every task. Similarly, there are kids monitoring and online parenting solutions letting parents to closely watch out their children. The use of these monitoring and tracking applications enables parents to be virtually present around their offspring. By installing the app on smartphone or computer device of kids, they can remotely supervise their digital acts. The best thing is that they can keep kid monitoring hidden to save them from annoyance.

How Does Parental Control App Work?

The parental control software lets parents to take control of digital devices of their children. Once it is installed on the targeted device i.e., mobile phone or computer, it gets access to data saved on it. After that, it uploads the fetched information to an online account. In addition to it, the cellphone surveillance app enables the user to control certain features of the targeted digital device.

Monitor Kids’ Digital Lives with Parental Control App

The tracking app offers several ways to supervise kids’ digital lives. We have discussed here how the most popular parental control solution TheOneSpy enables parents to track mobile phones and computer devices of their offspring.

Read Messages

The surveillance app installed on kid’s android phone helps parents to monitor messages exchanged through that device. The app automatically and secrecy fetches inward and outward SMS, MMS and IMs, and make them available for evaluation by uploading them to the confidential online account of the spyware.

Listen to Calls

You can listen to the phone calls of your teens to supervise their communication with other persons. The cell phone tracking app secretly records all incoming and outgoing calls and uploads them to the online account for parents to retrieve the recorded calls anytime. It also provides access to contact detail of callers and recipients.

Track GPS Location

The kids monitoring solution keeps parents updated about GPS location of their younger children. It shows the current GPS location of their tracked mobile phones and computers. Moreover, it helps to restrict visits to unwanted and unsafe areas with geo-fencing.

Track Browsing History

The mobile parenting app lets you supervise internet activities of children by accessing the internet browsing detail of their smartphones and internet-connected computer devices. You can also restrict their access to unwanted and age-inappropriate webpages with website filtering.

Monitor Social Media

The most popular social media apps and instant messengers including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp can be tracked with the help of digital monitoring app. Parents can supervise their kids’ social media posts and chats to keep them from online bullying, body-shaming, sharing of personal data and misconduct.

Control Mobile Apps

If you do not want your kids to use dating, social media and adult-oriented gaming apps, the spyware app lets you block or uninstall such mobile apps from your kid’s smartphone. You can also unblock productive and necessary apps without accessing the phone.

Manage Contacts

The contacts saved on the Phonebook of the targeted mobile device can be retrieved and edited with the help of the monitoring solution.

Screen Recording

The tracking app lets you witness real-time digital activities of your offspring by getting the screens of their mobile phones and computers recorded.

Surround Monitoring

The parental monitoring software lets you operate microphone and camera of the smartphone and computer device of your kid. By using them, you can see and capture surrounding scenes and sounds.


The kids tracking software can be subscribed and downloaded from the official webpage of TheOneSpy. The software can be subscribed for a particular period ranging from one-month to on-year. The cost of the app subscription depends on the selected package and purchase plan. The annual purchase plan helps to get the kids monitoring solution at cheapest rate i.e. you can visit the price page of the mobile parenting app buy now page and get to know the details.


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