Why Instagram is better than Twitter

Instagram has attracted the people towards itself by its astonishing features. Instagram is the most famous application all over the world due to its large number of users. It has billion of users that is why Instagram is better than Twitter. Also, Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users. Instagram shows the increase in the number of users in a short amount of time. Twitter was more famous than Instagram 4 to 5 years ago but when Instagram has shown its content to a large number of people then it becomes famous in a very short time.

People start liking Instagram because of its great content and useful features. Also, peoples and different companies switch to Instagram and start their business on Instagram. So, Instagram has become a platform for people from all walks of life. There are thousands of Tools that are available for Instagram Marketing that you can use to grow fast on Instagram while there are fewer tools available for Twitter Marketing.

In this article, we will share with you Instagram vs. Twitter comparison and everything you need to know about why Instagram is better than Twitter.

By the Numbers:

By the numbers, we will clearly see that Instagram is greater in number than Twitter. There are 1 Billion monthly active users of Instagram and 335 million monthly active users of Twitter. Almost 35% of US Internet users are now on Instagram.  About 40 billion photos shared on Instagram and 80 million photos shared on average per day. There are 80% of active users of Twitter on mobile on Twitter. There are 3.6 billion likes per day whereas on the other hand there are 500 million Tweets sent per day.


If we talk about the audience on Instagram and Twitter, then both the apps share the same audience. The demographics are also same for Instagram and Twitter. Demographics means the people of a particular age who are using Twitter and Instagram or any other applications. The demographics are so same of both the platforms that they are aged between 18 to 29, they have similar income, education level, and even location.


If we compare the engagement rates of Instagram and Twitter then obviously Instagram wins. Instagram has stuck the users to a particular post or the particular product. The engagement rates of Instagram have much higher than Twitter. Brands are getting more likes on Instagram posts as compared to Twitter. If we talk about the Instagram business profile, then Instagram is driving the attention of the customers and they are busy in seeing the interesting posts from Instagram. The users are focused on the content so intentionally which is very advantageous for your company. In the captions or ads, there are no clickable links to the external sites and thus engagement rates will ultimately be higher.


Instagram has many features as compared to Twitter. The features include disappearing videos, photos, boomerang videos, direct messaging, live videos, short videos and many more. Because of these features, a strong relationship is built between you and your users. The advantage of Live video is to explain to customers about their products who ask the question in the comment section. Instagram stories are the ever best feature of Instagram which is engaging the users more efficiently.


Instagram is better than Twitter in terms of functionality. Instagram is concentrating on the content and it is a photo sharing application where you share the photos of your brand or your product and can directly talk to your customers through Direct messaging. The connections or live updates are shared on Twitter. There is not a particular thing which is shared on Twitter. In fact, Twitter is the name of communication where you are sharing the current situation of the world.

Character Limit:

The character limit on Twitter is hardly 140-characters. You can share the post of just 140 characters. You have to shorten your post because of the character limit on Twitter which is very low. Whereas on Instagram, there is not any character limit while posting. Users have reported that you can use 2200 characters per post and it is enough to share anything on the media. There is also a limit of using hashtags but the limit is quite high. You can add 30 hashtags in a single post and it is enough for a single post.

Post Styles:

There are many post styles and media uploads offered by Twitter but as there is a limit of using only 140 characters that’s why it is used as a primary source for news. You can upload text-only posts, pictures, videos, polls or GIFs on Twitter. When we talk about Instagram, then we know very well that it is basically a photo-sharing application. You can upload a photo or a video in your post. You can add the captions in your images and also use the hashtags in your posts. You can use GIFs in your posts and the feature of direct Messaging makes it easy for the brands and businesses to directly interact with their customers.

Monetization Tools:

Ads are used by both by Instagram and Twitter and this is the only tool with the help of which you can do the monetization. On Twitter, the ads are shown as “promoted” Tweets which are shown as a regular tweet on a user’s feed. On Instagram, the ads are shown in a number of ways. Usually, the ads are shown in the stories on Instagram. Instagram has also introduced a feature called “Shop Now” where you can link to the brands shop directly. Twitter has not introduced this type of feature.

Final Words:

From the above discussion, we have come to know that Instagram is better than Twitter on account of different features. As we all know that both Instagram and Twitter are used for sharing the media and content. Twitter is more concerned with sharing the texts and polls basically whereas Instagram is designed for sharing the media like photos or videos. Instagram story is a feature which is very helpful in getting the higher engagement rates whereas, on Twitter, there is no such feature.

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