Why Do You Need Solar Panel Bird Proofing?

Solar panels are growing in popularity due to their numerous advantages. Having solar panels for your home, business or facility is an investment you wish had made earlier. Unlike electricity, solar is more convenient because it provides constant lighting and heating without the occasional power cuts. In addition, it lowers your energy costs allowing you to do more for less. For this reason, you need to care for your solar panels with regular care and maintenance, such as bird proofing. Unfortunately, many solar users ignore bird-proofing their solar systems until the damage is done. But you don’t have to wait and here’s why.

Why Birds Love Solar Panels

Solar panels in Peoria, Arizona, are a great energy option because the sun is up most of the months. But this means you’ll have uninvited visitors. Birds, especially pigeons, love nesting under your solar panels since it’s warm and cozy. Therefore you need to bird-proof your solar system immediately after installation, and this is why.

Birds Can Damage Your Panels

Birds are usually harmless until they nest under your panels. They can destroy a perfectly working system causing power supply problems in households. For instance, they may tamper with wiring disrupting energy flow or, even worse, cause electrical issues requiring expensive repairs.

In addition, the panels can sustain long-term irreparable damages from the bird’s droppings. While one-time bird poop is harmless, its accumulation over time can erode the panels causing permanent damage. 

They Cause Damages on Your Roof

Bird droppings accumulate on the roof, damaging the roofing. These droppings are corrosive and are a nuisance, especially when they mix with rainwater, as they cause permanent stains on the roof. Apart from that, they make the roofing unsightly and can produce an awful smell.

There is a Risk of Other Pests

Birds will usually bring along other pests and infectious pathogens. Pests such as bird lice find their way into the house, causing problems for the residents. This leads to severe repercussions, especially for a homeowner, since it paints a bad picture of your home. Other infectious pathogens such as salmonella and E.coli can cause serious health problems. 

Also, birds’ nests and droppings attract rodents such as mice and rats that can become a menace. In addition, when the droppings dry, they turn into fine dust leading to allergies while making it challenging to keep your house clean.

Birds are Noisy

Birds chirping early morning or late evening is excellent until they camp on your rooftop. The constant chirping can be a nuisance, especially when you want to enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s even worse when accompanied by tapping and pecking, especially if your house is not soundproofed.       

Bird Proofing your solar panels is vital if you want your system to last longer. In addition, it makes maintenance easier and cheaper since it reduces regular repairs. Furthermore, it keeps the birds away, reducing droppings accumulation that causes corrosion to the roof and the solar panels. Also, it means a reduced risk of other pests and pathogens that use birds as the host. Most importantly, it’s the easiest way to maintain a clean and habitable environment.

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