Why and How to Improve Business Communication?

We all know how business communication affects our sales, business relations, revenues, customer retention rate, satisfaction rate, brand image, and other important factors. Therefore, just having a good VoIP Phone Number cannot guarantee its effectiveness. Your managers, support team and everyone communicating to the customers, employees or partners should be well-versed in conveying the right message properly.

Similarly, you have to implement backup plans like Second Phone Number to keep your business responsive.

In short, every element of your business’s communication system should work properly.

Till here, you must have understood ‘why business communication should be improved’. Now, let’s understand how to do it:

How to Improve Business Communication?

Business Communication plays a very important role in the growth of any business. It is equally critical for small-scale businesses and enterprises. To start with, you should deploy a good Call Center Software to streamline business communication process and then focus on the human element of the process.


Consider our tips:

     1. The Tools

The smarter and efficient tools you will integrate into your communication system, the more well-organized the communication will be. Use good call center software, VoIP telephony, social media channels, emails, alternative communication mediums and so on.

A good VoIP phone number system is important because local customers trust more on the local businesses.

For example, if your calling number starts with 212, 646, 716, 718, 845, 315, 347, 516, 914 or 917 and you are selling in New York.

Your customer will trust us more in this case, because he will feel like you are within his reach and trustable. So, it is better to own local numbers or toll-free local numbers.

     2. Internal Communication

Yes, it is important.

Consider this scenario –

A client suggested some changes in his business website to a business developer, but he forgot to communicate about this to the development team. Now as development team knows nothing about the requirement, will they make changes?

Result – Delayed work and unsatisfied client.

So, your business should use the right tools to communicate within the organization too. It decides the effectiveness of operation and helps employees collaborate better, increasing the productivity of your company.

     3. Communication Skills of your Employees

Tools help build a good communication system for internal and external communication, but in the end, it is up to humans to leverage it properly. For that, your employee should know how to communicate.

Here are a few tips you could give to your sales, marketing, and support teams:

  • Listen actively, patiently and carefully. If you will act like an impatient listener, interrupting the other person, communication will become inefficient.
  • Try learning to communicate from all good speakers around you.
  • Read and listen to more and more people from your industry.
  • Collaborate and Question while trying to understand your client’s requirements.
  • Tell how you are going to solve the problem or provide a good solution. Indirectly explain, why no one else?
  • Try memorizing the conversations and use the collected information in the next conversation with same or similar prospects.
  • Use a good CMS or Call Center Software to keep a record of prospects, customers, conversations and more.

     4. Respect the Time

If you are cold calling or reaching out to a prospect, it is better to confirm if they are available or interested. Sometimes, people are busy and do not want to listen to a sales representative. At such times, even if they are interested in your services or products, they will deny to take them. So, scheduling such calls for later increases your chances of gaining prospects.

On the other hand, query resolution time should be short too. If your customer has called you for some issue, make sure you are resolving it at the earliest. Do not make them wait a lot. It is better to have a second phone number or multiple extensions if you receive multiple queries. Treating your customers as your priority will help you build trust.

     5. Be Precise, To the Point and Correct

There is no point in explaining things in too much depth. Explain what is important.

Customers or potential clients should not feel like you are talking on and on, without touching the main point.

While resolving a query or providing support service, make sure that you have complete knowledge of the issue. If you do not have that, politely ask for some extra time or transfer the call to a knowledgeable person of that domain. Do not misinform your clientele or provide a wrong solution in hurry, because it will adversely affect your business only.

So, is your team good at business communication? Are they doing it right and using efficient tools for it?

If not, follow our suggestions and help them perform better. It will only help your business grow faster; trust us.

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