What Web Design Trends Do UI/UX Designers Need To Be Aware Of?

Remaining fully up to date on all of the latest trends is not the exclusive domain of web developers. While web developers can always offer valuable assistance in this regard, web designers must also remain cognizant of the world around them. There are no shortage of trends that are going to affect UI/UX development and design in the years to come.

Before meeting with web developers, a business must be sure to establish an inviting web presence. UI/UX designers are going to play a very important role. The user interface and user experience must be considered when meeting with web developers and web designers. Apps and sites are equally crucial to a business’ long term prognosis.

The time has come for us to take a closer look at the trends that are going to affect web design (and by extension, web developers). To learn more about the trends that are going to define the remainder of 2019 and beyond, be sure to read on.

Mobile Animation

Now that the average browser is more likely to visit a site, it is time for companies to start considering all of their needs. While iPhone and Android devices do not always offer the proper rendering for videos, there is nothing wrong with creating mobile animations. They are eye catching, growing in popularity and the best sites and apps are relying on them on a more regular basis. The mobile user must be catered to if companies are going to survive over the long haul.

Split Screen Designs

Split screen designs were once thought to be the exclusive domain of the desktop browser but they are now making their way into other areas of design. Web developers and web designers who prize the user experience/user interface are now relying on split screen designs, with good reason. This is a great way to design content that can be accessed across all devices. With split screen designs, the user experience becomes far more seamless. It also creates a visual hierarchy.

Writing To Improve The User Experience

UX/UI designers must come together with companies to develop writing that caters to the user’s experience. Every great design is going to come with text. Now, more and more companies are placing a higher level of focus on writing with the user experience in mind. If the copy is not helping the browser to engage with the company’s goods and services, this is a sure sign that all parties involved need to head back to the drawing board.


Infographics used to be a fun inclusion that would allow the top sites to stand apart. Now, an infographic is a key aspect of any well designed website or app. By offering data visualizations, a company is able to get their most important points across far more easily, while improving the UI/UX experience. This a visual format that lets users know more about topics that are otherwise complex or uninteresting.

Variable Fonts

Apps and sites that rely on the same font for every page are not going to attract the target audience. Web developers have already taken this important step when it comes to jazzing up their pages and now it is time for web designers to follow suit. Variable fonts are usually chosen for this purpose. One central default font is used and thanks to the registered axes, all of the master styles are tied back to the default.

Going Vintage

When it comes to typography, more and more sites/apps are deciding to go vintage and with good reason. Vintage typography is one of the many trends currently gaining steam in the UI/UX design community. The vintage styles seem to be gaining traction because of their bolder and thicker lines. A dramatic shift has occurred, as designers no longer favor the thinner lines that have been used in the past.

Brutalism Becoming More Popular

Brutalism is often confused with minimalism but there are a few key differences that need to be discussed. Brutalism is more focused on echoing the websites that existed during the earliest stages of the Internet. These sites and apps can be bare bones in nature but all of the most pivotal information is going to be placed at the forefront.

Single Page Designs

Let’s face the facts here. The consumer of today is not particularly interested in spending a great deal of time clicking around to find the information that they need. The top designers know how browsers are going to be interacting with the material and make the necessary adjustments. With immersive story telling and the proper scrolling features, these sites are able to make a major comeback.

More and More Vocal Features

Web developers and web designers must take the time to consider the importance of conversational features. If UI/UX designers do not focus on conversational features, they are missing out on one of the most crucial trends to gain wider acclaim in recent years. How are the users going to interact with the device? Has the voice interface been prototyped with the necessary actions and keywords? These are the questions that must be answered in the years to come.

Those who take the time consider these trends before meeting with web developers are able to craft websites and apps that meet all of the consumer’s needs. There are a bevy of great trends that are taking place at the moment. Thanks to this guide, it has never been easier to incorporate all of the trending design elements.

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