Varieties Of Traditional Jewelry Design That Never Go Out Of Fashion

     Traditional Jewelry Design
Dressing up for women is never complete without jewelry. The Indian culture is never quite complete without the use of the extravagant jewelry that has adorned its men and women since ages. It would not be quite incorrect to point that the different designs of the Indian traditional jewelry forms to be an important part of the Indian history and marks the process through which the culture of the nation has evolved since its prehistoric times till the contemporary era.
Some of the designs of this traditional jewelry have always been in fashion and has been adorned by the men and women of all ages. They have remained to be an integral part of the national fashion sense and are still a very important part of the fashion industry.
These are the items of jewelry that are worn by the men and women of the recent times on various occasions. Although the traditional jewelry designs of India has remained to be elaborate and heavy yet their contemporary versions are used even other than traditional occasions and ceremonial dressing up.
Let us take a look at some of the evergreen traditional jewelry designs of India that is very much a part of the modern fashion scenario and is loved by the contemporary men and women.
Jhumkas – These are essentially Indian in their designs and remained to be a hot favorite of women of all ages. Jhumkas are inverted round half small sized bowl shapes that are suspended from a top or a hook secured at the ear love. These can come in all sizes, shapes, and lengths. The ones with heavier designs are naturally big and chunky and are worn in traditional ceremonies. The Jhumkas are a specimen of traditional jewelry designs of India that are loved by women of all ages. So much so that they are available in all retail outlets, with some of the major fashion brands in the country and also all over the different online shopping sites. These jhumkas if a little smaller can be worn with western clothes as well.
PasasThe Pasas have been evolved from the Islamic influence on traditional jewelry designs of India. This is a design that has remained much popular amongst the Mughal and the later Muslim women and can be found in the regions of Delhi and Lucknow.
However, in the recent times, it has become an integral part of the bridal look and is worn by women both as earrings and also as pieces adorning the side forehead. They are super rich and classy in their looks and goes very well with sarees and lehengas. These pasas are essentially long in their designs. 
KangansThe kangansare an essential specimen of traditional jewelry designs of India. These are wrist cuffs or bangles of a wide dimension that often has intricate carvings and designs on them. They are mostly quite solid and fat in their width. These were initially worn by women during their weddings or when they went for traditional ceremonies. However these days you can get Kangans of all types of metals like Gild, silver and oxidized metals. They can be worn with Indian attires and also with western clothes. 
Armlets –These are pieces of traditional jewelry designs of India that are worn up in the arm. These are essentially traditional Indian jewelrythatwas worn at traditional ceremonies when men and women really dressed up. In the recent times, women wear them all the time. However, men are no longer seen wearing these pieces. These pieces are best worn with sleeveless clothes. You can wear them with both traditional attires and also with western clothes.
Jhanjars –These are chunky peals or anklets. The essential heavy designs and the volume of these traditional jewelry designs differentiate them from a simple payal. They can be worn with Indian attires and also with western clothes. You can get them in silver and also oxidized metals.
Long necklaces –These are essential traditional jewelry designs of India which offers a large variety of different patterns and artwork. They can be made of gold, silver or even Kundan work. These long necklaces can come with chunky pendants or can come in a string of beads and pearls.
They can also come in two or more strands. There can be as many as seven strands which give a really rick classic look. They can be worn by men and women alike. They are essential to be worn with traditional clothes.
There is a huge plethora of such Indian traditional; jewelry designs. Many of them have survived the test of time and have been passed down from one generation to another. Some of them have been modernized and have been given a contemporary look and feel.

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