Travel Tips to Maintain Your Beauty While Traveling

We know that traveling doesn’t leave a lot of time for our beauty routine – most of the times, when we wake up, we also leave the hotel for the day and never have time to care for our face and such.

However, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to maintain your beauty while traveling – this implies saving some time and giving your pores, face, and whatnot the things that they need to shine, so to say.

Therefore, if beauty is what you seek to maintain, you should leave the accommodation and means of transportation for later – when it comes to the latter and if you are traveling to Munich, we recommend booking early an airport transfer Munich service.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it and see what a traveler can do to maintain their beauty!

Moisturize Before the Flight

It is recommended that you apply some intense moisturizer before you are going to fly – especially one night before. If you do so, the hydration in your skin will increase, making up for the effects of the cabin pressure, such as skin dehydration.

Goodbye Foundation – Hello Moisturizer

Before landing, it is recommended that you skip the foundation and just add a tinted moisturizer – this will give you a fresh and healthy look.

However, if you can’t skip the foundation, most make-up artists recommend that you first put a primer on – this adds an extra layer of protection between the skin and the makeup.

Moreover, a primer will make blush and foundation last much longer, while also preventing skin dehydration.

Mineral Water Mist

Most of the times, when we want to simply refresh our makeup when traveling, we just tend to add more foundation or blush. However, you should instead opt for a mister of mineral water and just a little bit of moisturizer.

Avoid Long-Lasting Lipsticks

We know that you want your lips to have a color that will last as much as possible – especially if you are gone for the day while traveling. However, instead of relying on the long-lasting lipsticks that will just dehydrate and parch your mouth, you should make use of the following technique.

Add several coats of nothing but lip stain and then let it dry. Then, top the lip stain coats with a clear gloss – later, when you feel like you need to put lipstick on again, just reapply the gloss.

Once you reapply the clear gloss, your lips will regain their color and look like you’ve just used lipstick.

Begone, Puffy Eyes

After a long trip, is only natural that you’ll be left with some puffy eyes after you land. In order to make that puffiness go away and also give yourself a nice wake-up call, here’s what you have to do.

Take a washcloth and put some crushed ice inside it – then, gently apply it under your eyes. The crushed ice will hydrate your skin and make the puffy eyes go away, while the cold will refresh you.

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