Top Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Canada

International students residing in Canada depend on part-time jobs to manage their expenses. Some students are uncertain if they are allowed to do a job while pursuing their studies in Canada. Well, the answer is yes. There is an abundance of part-time jobs in Canada. You can easily manage your expenses by relying on these jobs. 

One of the best things about these part-time jobs is the flexibility offered.  Some part-time jobs would demand you to work in the evening hours or on weekends. So you can construct your schedule and manage both your job and studies seamlessly. To explore more about the top part-time jobs available in Canada for students, you must read this article carefully.

There are several part-time jobs available for students in Canada. It is definitely a herculean task to manage both your studies as well your job. But proper planning will help you handle things in a better way. If you want to move to Canada for higher studies then you must connect with the top-notch study visa consultants who will help to file your study seamlessly.

This article has been penned down to make you aware of the top part-time jobs in Canada

Teacher’s assistant

If you looking for an on-campus part-time job then you can take up the job of a teacher assistant. Several colleges and teachers hire TAs to assist them in handling the plethora of tasks. This job can help you learn lots of new things on the campus itself. Some of the major tasks involved in this job role will be assisting and clearing the common doubts of the students, crafting lesson plans, and handling paperwork, documents, and assignments as well as the scoresheets of the students. 

Though there is no such eligibility criteria the job-seeker should have finished at least a year of college. If you possess good communication and organization skills then you can opt for the job of a teaching assistant. In this job you’ll stay inside the campus only. Therefore you can easily handle both your course study and job as well. So the first part-time job for students is a teacher’s assistant. 


Do you possess curiosity about particular subjects or topics? Is teaching appealing to you? If yes then you can become a tutor. It is quite a good job option. When you tutor others you will develop more skills and enhance your learning too. Moreover dealing with other students will boost your communication skills. Now this job is available both on-campus as well off-campus. You can teach students at your college or school. Tutoring helps to inculcate new skills in an individual. Regarding the pay for this job, it is determined by the subject you will teach. Those tutors who teach complex concepts or subjects can demand $50 per hour. So if you have the ability to teach students and solve their doubts and queries tutoring can be a viable part-time job for you.


Another way to manage your expenses is to indulge in freelancing. Now freelancing can be in any field or department. You can opt to offer services as a content writer, graphic designer, server, etc. Though you have the option to do freelancing in any field and industry here we will lay emphasis on freelance writing. If you have got the knack to write the perfect and edit the perfect content then you should try freelance writing. You’ll have the freedom to determine the topic you intend to write about along with other vital aspects. 

Many students prefer to get their assignments completed through freelancers. So you can get abundant projects. This will help you gain more knowledge and experience. In fact, you can even build your career as a full-time content writer later on. You can access popular freelancing websites like Upwork, and Fiverr and find relevant projects for yourself. Do yuo intend to pursue your education in Canada?  If yes you need to file your study visa with the assistance of the well-known Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Campus tour guide

Another exciting part-time job for the students can be that of a campus tour guide. See the colleges and universities in Canada have vast campuses. Many of these buildings are built with artistic style and perfection. Therefore campus tours exist to guide the prospective students seeking admission and their guardians about all such aspects. See if you possess excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality then this job as a campus tour guide can offer immense opportunities for you.

Summing it up

Studying in the USA can be an expensive affair. To manage your day-to-day expenses you would have to take up a part-time job. This article has listed the most popular part-time jobs for international students. If any of the above-mentioned jobs suit your interests and schedule then go ahead and apply for the same. 

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