Top 6 Weight Watchers Diet Cakes For Birthday Party!

We love to celebrate small achievements of our life with enjoyments. The best way to enjoy is party. There are certain things that complete any party for any occasion. Besides your well wishers, it is the cake that is one of such party essentials. Now when we are discussing about parties and cakes, then how can we forget about birthday parties? Birthday is that occasion in every person’s life which only a party can compliment. But cakes are rich in creme and calories. They carry very rich ingredients that might affect your weight. Because the cakes taste amazing so when we consume it, we don’t think about the after-effects.

Here are 6 cakes for birthdays that can check your diet even if you consume much of it.


1) Carrot Cake

When it comes to the question of cakes that a diabetic can consume, carrot cake is the best option. This will help them to check their weight gain even after consuming it with good amount of the cake. These cakes have carrot as the main ingredient. Besides, there are walnut and white flour. To decorate the cake people use white flour. You can use dates and raisins to enhance the sweet taste. Whole wheat flour is a perfect alternative of white flour for this cake. Coconut crushes will take this cake into a whole new level. To reduce the effects of butter, ask your baker to add honey and lime in the cream cheese instead of butter.


2) Lemon Maple Icebox Cake

This dessert cake is a delicious cake that replaces your worry for weight gain after consuming. This cake looks very simple but tastes like heaven. This is a layer cake where you will find the layers of graham crackers. And between the layers you will find the lemon maple filling. This mouth-watering cake has another advantage of having its filling with Greek yogurt. So when you consume it, you can have an enough amount of it without any guilt at all. This cake is available in cake delivery online sites in reasonable price.


3) Vegan Cakes

This type of cake has erased the concept of cake being sweet dessert. There are varieties of this vegan cake that depends highly on supplementary ingredients. You can turn any kind of cake into a vegan cake. From vegan meringues to tea cakes- all are possible to shape under this category. There are special tea cakes and carrot cakes as well which you can turn into a vegan cake as well. The greatest surprise is the chocolate vegan cakes. We all know chocolates are rich of calories and cremes that enhance the weight. But vegan chocolate cake, Vegan chocolate Zucchini cake are exception of such ideas. You can make vegan cake with banana and coconut as well. Some of the famous vegan fruit cakes are- allergy banana bread cake and gluten free apple and carrot cake.


4) Flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake has gained its popularity all around the world. They don’t just taste great, but they are very much of a diet cake. This cake is a very stable and regular bakery item. So, you can order it from any birthday cake delivery site to get a quick delivery. In this cake, the flour is absent and there are huge amount of eggs used. Besides, there are varieties of coconut delicacies in the form of shavings and oils. To give it a twist in taste, you can add dry fruits and nuts. One piece of this heavy and filling cake will be enough to fill both your mind and appetite.


5) Honey Cake

Honey cake is a traditional New Year cake. But you can use it as a birthday cake as well. After all, a birthday indicates the beginning of another new year only. This is not at all sweet and tastes great after one day of its preparation. The nutmeg and ginger makes it tastier. Orange juice is perfect for giving it a tangy flavor. Your beloved who is a very diet-conscious person would love to have this cake on her birthday.


6) Dark chocolate and date cake

Dark chocolate is a very health conscious ingredient as it has lesser milk quotient that reduces the crème. Dates and pecans make this cake one irresistible delicacy in the dessert table. The dates are complimentary to sugar. The high natural sugars in dates will equalize the bitterness of the dark chocolate. Dried ginger and roasted pecans with ricotta cheese will make it finger-licking. These ingredients turn this cake into a dense and healthy cake.

One can hardly resist cake. While thinking about cakes, you can’t worry about your health is what everyone says. But the above diet cakes will make you able to consume cakes tension free. When you are filling your taste appetite, these cakes take full care of your health.

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