Top 5 Worktops That can be used in Homebase Kitchen

Summary: Among the various kitchen worktop options available, the best choices are granite, hardwood, quartz, solid surface and glass. Assessing the pros and cons of every material will give an idea about which suits for homebase kitchen worktops. Apart from features, you should look for the price and your budget and then make a logical decision.

Assessing the features of each countertop material available for kitchen spaces lends an idea about a suitable choice. Since the options are many, it is confusing to make a discerning selection. Before taking a pick, think about a few things. First, determine the purpose of your kitchen space. Is it going to be used for a lot of cooking and entertaining many guests? What are the kinds of foods that you usually cook? How is your food preparation style? Answers to these questions will lead to a concrete decision about the coppice of a specific worktop. Here is a list of five top selected homebase kitchen worktops along with their pros and cons that will help you make a rational choice.Image result for home base kitchen worktops


5 best kitchen worktops

Granite– Granite is a beautifully-designed, naturally-made stone. It is synonymous to beauty, luxury and style. Needless to say, Granite is a top-notch choice for homebase  kitchen worktops and is an all-around winner owing to its several good attributes. The biggest benefits of granite are it is hard-wearing, easy to maintain and clean, offers antibacterial properties and is heat resistant. Besides, it is unlikely to crack or chip so you are assured of its uniform look for years to come. However, be wary of a few things, such as the stone is quite heavy and so can only be installed professionally. Also, it is quite expensive but if you can seek vendors who sell remnants then the price can be affordable.

Hardwood– This is a refined option for the ones who love living in style. Whether a traditional looking kitchen space or a contemporary styled kitchen, wood suits perfectly well will all given spaces. Many prefer wood for a very particular reason. It seems that the material demand biannual oiling at timely intervals but with the procedure, any damage or stain is suitably resisted. Thus, the worktop will gracefully age with time exposing its finest appearance. The biggest benefits of hardwood are it is cheaper than most other stone options, is available in many colours and designs, has antibacterial properties and looks more elegant with the passage of time. On the contrary, there are some downsides too. Wood can get easily scratched and stained, and it demands biannual maintenance which involves an incurring cost.

Quartz– This man-made stone mirrors the nuances, complexity and beauty of the natural stone. It is a superbly designed engineered stone that never fails to deliver superior toughness, quality and durability. When thinking of an apt substitute to marble or granite, the first material that comes to the mind is quartz. It is a customizable worktop and is infused with industrial techniques that help to fortify the attributes of natural stone in it. The benefits of Quartz are it is hard-wearing, easy to clean, has antibacterial properties and is available in a spectrum of quartz worktop colours. On the other hand, Quartz has its share of slight disadvantages which is its heavy weight and high price. Did you know that Quartz has more strength and durability than granite? Yes, it is one of the key attributes that make this stone a special choice for kitchen worktops.

Solid surfaces– Solid surface worktops are the norm now. This type of worktops is taking over the market gradually due to its low maintenance quality and pattern choices. You get a wide range of colour options in the material. The best part of solid surfaces is the seams that are fused with it to render undetectable joints. Therefore, if you are looking for long sections or large slabs for countertops, solid surfaces are the number one pick. The pros of the material are its non-porous surface, low maintenance quality and repairable quality. If there are portions that need re-working or repairing then it is possible with solid surfaces. However, the material easily shows off scratches and is not heat resistant.

Glass– If you scour the kitchen worktops UK market, you will find the latest designs in worktops. Glass accounts for its versatility and contemporary design. It has a reflective aura to it that looks absolutely stunning in any kitchens space. The reason why homeowners prefer glass is that it has many advantages over the other available material. Glass can be moulded in any size and shape; it is easy to clean and is hygienic, is extremely durable, has great colour options, is heat resistant and has a modern and stylish look. The disadvantages are glass needs frequent cleaning since it easily gets fingerprints and hand impressions. Also, it is quite expensive.

Therefore, check through the pros and cons of each worktop mentioned above and make your choice from the top best countertop materials that can be used in home-base kitchens.

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