Top 15 Interesting Educational Websites For Kids

Kids are serious about education after interest has been created in them. They love it when hard lessons like math and geography have a twist of fun added to it. You will need time to take your kids through the tenets of academic success. If you are a student with inadequate time to study, then MyPaperWriter adds interest to your research activities. An expert is assigned to walk you through all requirements safely. The following is a list of 15 websites that kids can access to make their education interesting. Technology has changed education so much that you go through in website in spite of books.


If your child is into computers, science, biological studies, or even engineering, then How Stuff Works will show how everything is done. The studies start from scratch or the basic learning points before making advancements. It is not just the simplicity of the work but the artistic presentations that make the site interesting.

2.      Sesame Street

This website does not only teach kids to be smart but also kind as well. The artists use Muppets to attract children and introduce them to the world of animations. It is a mix of creativity, fun, and education all at the same time.

3.      Kid’s Channel of National Geographic

From the creators of National Geographic- a discovery channel of animals, the kid’s channel introduces a softer version of the same. It has interesting videos of the study subjects, their countries of origin, and amazing facts. The channel also has games and fun competitions that focus on children’s preferences.

4.      Kids Know It

If your child is in preschool, then this website is the best bet for guided lessons. It also shows how to handle kindergarten kids up to the 5th grade. It also uses online games and a Halloween segment with fun games. The kids are taken through the Halloween’s 13 days of fun.

5.      Fun Brain

This website has a mix of fun games, online books, and videos. It is specially created for preschool kids up to the 8th grade. Kids should treat subjects such as Math and reading enjoyable activities rather than educational drills. When you visit Fun Brain, you are reminded of the safe experiences needed to nurture kids until they learn the art of solving problems.


The niche on this website is the mix of history with the wonderful facts in the world. Apart from finding out your kid’s skills, it also tests knowledge on basic such as vision. Its wonder store has all types of wonder polis gear suited to the liking of every child. It has a section where kids answer questions related to world facts.

7.      ABC Kids

From the Australian ABC Entertainment Network, ABC Kids websites present a myriad of kids’ shows. It contains playschools for pre and post nursery kids. It also has a segment where kids can submit their artwork. This art center is called the Giggle Gallery. Adults guide the presentations dressed as Muppets. It also has cartoon shows and fun games such as Sticky Splat.


This website acts as a library of skills. Your child will benefit from a step-by-step learning process with interactive games. These fun games are appropriate for preschool children up to 5th grade. To celebrate the success of the learning process, the website has a tracker to follow progress.


This educational website contains five main chapters for kids, including history, science, biography, and games. Other sections include geography and money/ financial studies. There is no better way to introduce children to the hard realities than by using ducks to display the learning elements. It can also be used by both parents and teachers, depending on the necessities.


This website is basically for K-3 children. If your child loves educational games related to math, books, phonics, and reading, then this is the right place. They will learn to read the alphabet using the word hunt as well we the phonics. These educational activities are now in an app downloadable on a smartphone.

11.  PBS Kids

This website contains live TV on elemental training. It shows how children should receive while growing up. It also has games and video shows on building squads, fashions, and explorations.

12.  Baby TV

If you have a baby or a toddler that loves to have fun while learning, then is the place to be. This site has rhyme songs, birthday activities, and fun games. It is also a good site for parents with tips on how to entertain as you train your young one.

13.  CoolMath4Kids

You want your child to love math; then, you will definitely like the cool math site. It has math games, quizzes, lessons on manipulation, and teasers.

14.  Ben’s Guide

The structure of the US government is appalling. It is a good idea to let your child visit Ben’s guide to learn this adventure with some fun added to it.

15.  Climate Kids

Climate Kids is a kids’ version of NASA. It answers questions on climate, energy, plants, water, and animals.

These websites are exemplary in their delivery of interesting educational content to kids. Try them for free.

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