Top 10 Tactics Marketing Students Should NOT Apply In The Future

When one listens marketing what comes to your mind?  Does it come with numbers? Does it come as a person with a calculator? Than hold yourself that the wrong impression than you have about marketers.

 Marketing is something to dream of.

It is something a person wants to love. It is related to numbers but not entirely. Marketing is ruling the minds of the people which are equal to ruling the world for sure. But many disagree! they think that marketing is a worthless job. But Marketing is a worthless job or an exciting journey? Well it totally depends on person to person. But before we get into above debate lets first understand what marketing students should avoid in future.


1.      Not a born marketer? Stay away from marketing!

Marketing means one should know how to market himself and get his audience won by him! If you have a dull nature, are more into calculations and theory and afraid from field work then STAY AWAY from marketing! It is not your choice of tea to just become a marketer. Marketing is something thrilling and exciting. You have to innovate a way to get old idea liked by public again.

2.      It’s NOT the product! It’s how you market it!

Marketing never meant to be the product oriented it is always idea oriented! You always have to sale the same product with some different story line and idea! You always have to create something which your consumer has never felt with your product and that’s an experience! Like most popular brands in the world, their product is same what they come up with is idea and feelings. They always target different aspects of consumer’s mind and create the need consumer has never thought of. That’s the true meaning of marketing. To create something that consumer has never dreamed of!

3.      Social Media Star? NOT an enough tactic!

Today’s marketer thinks that if your product is on social media that means it is a brand! That is just an assumption! A brand doesn’t need a platform like social media to grow it needs people experience to grow and well need devoted workers who work day and night for its progress. A video might be viral for a time being but it doesn’t guarantee a future success.

4.      It is not just ATL or BTL!

Marketing in today’s era is not just Atl or Btl based. It’s the moments that one has spent with your brand or product! People today do not remember the brand name but they remember the color the taste the atmosphere even the experience which make them remember the brand. It was in one of searches of online thesis writing that 80% people remember the brand name mostly the remember other qualities like touch, taste, atmosphere etc. and indirectly these are the things which make a product a brand.

5.      Are you Afraid of change? Stop there! take a U-turn!

If you are afraid of daily change then sorry marketing isn’t your cup of tea then! Future is the era of rapid changes that is changing the whole network of marketing. The social media marketing is so strong when it is backed up by digital platforms. A BTL activity may go viral if it has strong communication channels and Digital Channels that are changing day by day. So if you are afraid of change you need to have a U-Turn from marketing field.

6.      It’s not about target! It’s always about people!

Marketing is never like sales which talks about achieving a targeted number. It’s about achieving people trust. A company may achieve different sales target of a day but if it fails to cater people’s trust in future than that’s a failure of marketing! Never ever mix sales with marketing as both are entirely different fields.

7.      Consumer is not the Boss!

Your consumer is not the boss of your product or a brand. You are the boss! Because you are the one who has to manipulate consumer’s mind but still give him the expression that he is is the one ruling you! That is the trickiest marketing tactics that is going to rule the future of the world. Because there are so many same natures of products in the market if you make consumer your king, he might rule you but the reality is YOU HAVE TO RULE HIM! So be preparing to change the boss.

8.      It is not academics! Its field work!

If you talk about finance, your academia might help you but marketing! It’s a different scenario. Your classroom project is simple and accepted within few meetings. But in field it’s actually a challenge to be accepted in front of competitors and clients. It is mentioned in one of the best dissertation writing services that to do a field work is completely different from academics of marketing.

9.      Do not depend on your sales team!

It’s your job to create marketing and to make consumer buy the brand. It’s not the job of your SALES TEAM! They are just customer representatives who just gather the pool of your customers. You are the one who create a customer! You are the one who sustain the consumer! If you cannot market your idea well that’s an offense to your job!

10.  It’s not always a yes!

There is no need to say yes to every trend in the market for your brand. If your competitor is doing something that DOESN’T means you copy them. Be a trend creator not a follower!

Marketing is a worthless job or an exciting journey?

Now one has to decide either to do the degree in marketing and get himself in marketing or take a U-turn and get busy with some other work for life. Marketing is not an easy to do in today’s world. If one is smart enough to handle it only then he can get himself in marketing.

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