Top 10 Hospitality Management Jobs 2023

Today, hospitality is about more than just attracting new customers, fulfilling their needs, and boasting excellent customer ratings. After COVID-19, both people’s expectations and behaviours significantly transformed. 

The Canadian economy depends heavily on the hospitality and tourism sectors. For each region, it is a source of employment. The need for chefs, cooks, servers, and bartenders is ever-growing. Indeed, there are constantly open positions in the hotel industry around the nation. Naturally, it may differ depending on the season, but it is a field that never ceases.

The Skilled Immigrant Infocentre projects that by 2028, more than 106,000 new employees will be available in British Columbia, Canada. The lodging and food sectors generate more than 215,000 new jobs. According to the survey, newcomers to BC and also under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program will fill more than 30% of all job openings, mostly in the hospitality industry. So if you’ve been wondering when to start the Canada job visa application process – the time is now!

Those with a passion for hotel management are always seeking ways to sharpen their skills in order to keep up with market needs. 

This post will detail the top 10 hospitality positions in Canada and address all of the queries.

What is Hospitality Management?

Simply put, hospitality management oversees the everyday administrative, commercial, and operational activities of establishments, including eateries, hotels, resorts, shops, amusement parks, etc. 

Taking care of and providing a positive experience for their guests is the responsibility of individuals who work in the hospitality industry. No matter how big or little, it’s all part of the hospitality sector. 

A hospitality manager’s day is not like an average day at all. For instance, a hotel or resort manager needs to ensure that everything operates properly by supervising several departments, including the front desk, housekeeping, spa, and guest services. 

Why Are Hospitality Positions in High Demand?

Working in the hospitality sector seems to be a great place to start building a bright career in Canada. As we’ve already established, people from all walks of life—citizens, residents, and international students—love to try new foods worldwide. And Canada has everything. 

Additionally, the sector includes opportunities in hospitality at a variety of establishments, including bakeries, pubs, hotels, and more, in addition to restaurants. As a result, the business has a strong demand for experienced chefs, bakers, kitchen assistants, and bartenders. They all contribute to preserving their respective countries’ histories, ways of life, and traditions.

With salaries for hotel managers ranging from over 45,000 CAD to an astounding 150,000 CAD annually, Vancouver, BC, is the top-paying city in British Columbia, according to Indeed. Over the next two years, Ontario immigration is urging a large expansion of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. Starting a Canada job visa application is essential.

Top 5 Current Hospitality Industry Trends

The pandemic has, without a doubt, jeopardized the world, including the hotel sector. But in hindsight, this isn’t the industry’s first significant upheaval. And most likely not the last. According to respondents in a recent Forbes study, the hospitality management sector will see substantial advances in the upcoming year. 

Some significant trends that will impact the hospitality sector this year are: 

  • Efficient sanitization and cleaning practices
  • Using online technology to accelerate business
  • Talent retention and management
  • Green and sustainable business models

These patterns blatantly demonstrate that the hospitality sector 2.0 is only getting started. 

10 Best Hospitality Management Job Titles

You might be wondering what careers are available for you. Some popular titles in the hospitality industry include:

  1. Guest Services Agent
  2. Manager of Public Relations
  3. Manager of Spa and Wellness
  4. Sous Chef/Associate Chef
  5. Catering Assistant
  6. Cruise Ship Attendant
  7. Front Desk Associate/Back Office Supervisor 
  8. Cleaning Maintenance
  9. Barista Bartender 
  10. Food runner/server/waiter 

You might discover some entry-level roles when searching for work in the hospitality sector. Nevertheless, it is a place where you can advance quickly, receive a promotion, and earn more money.

Necessary Skills For Hospitality Management

Since there are so many opportunities available, you can feel as though you are taking on more than you can handle and wonder if you have what it takes to become successful in these positions. So let’s take a look at the skills that companies in the hospitality industry are now seeking.

  • Customer service skill
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail

To Sum up

Start your career in hospitality management in Canada right now. The demand will increase over the years, and the payment is good too. So apply for your Canadian job visa as soon as possible!

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