Tips to Reduce the Negative Marking in the Government Exams

There are umpteen youngsters who stay eager to secure a reputable job in the public sector. But despite working hard, only a few get shortlisted for the jobs. A huge portion of interested candidates faces failure in the government exams. But failure doesn’t stop them from applying for the next attempt. They resume their exam preparations in a more enhanced way and there are so many youngsters who have achieved their dream jobs after failing their first attempt. Well, if we take a look at the reasons that stop the candidates from achieving their dream jobs. Then, mostly, there are a few missteps such as using the wrong approach, neglecting the information, studying from inadequate study material, etc. that works as a hindrance between the candidates and their dreams.

One of the most prominent reasons that stop candidates from achieving success in government exams is their inability to save themselves from negative markings. Yes, believe us that the negative marking is the major reason behind the failure of the candidates appearing for the government exams. Therefore, you must make efforts to evade the trap of the negative marking and cross the cut-off score in the best possible way. Are you looking forward to achieving an excellent rank in the SSC exam? If yes, then come in the contact with the professionals belonging to the credible platform that offers the best coaching for SSC in Delhi.

Reduce the Negative Marking in the Government Exams with the Help of the Pointers Mentioned Below: 

  • Don’t be Nervous 

When the candidates sit in front of the computers to take the exams. Then, they often start to feel nervous by thinking negative thoughts. If you want to pass the exams, then focus on the good thoughts during that time or till your exam doesn’t start. Focus on the thoughts that somehow you have to attempt the required questions and feel active and ready to solve the exam. Try to remain cool with the help of positive thoughts and have faith in yourself and your preparations.

  • Strategize 

Well, during your preparation days, you must plan how you will attempt the paper. Devise an effective strategy by analyzing each and every question in the last year’s papers and the time you need to solve them. Anticipate the cut-off score that the commission can set to get the candidates selected for the next round.  Therefore, get to know how many questions you need to attempt to proceed to the next round of exams. If you have an opportunity to plan in advance then, do this. Don’t go to the examination room to attempt the paper without any strategy in your mind.

  • Skip the Doubtful Questions

Refrain yourself from spending too much time on the question, if you’re not sure about the right answer. Because there are chances that it can make you taste the negative marking if you fault to make the right guess. Try to skip it or reserved it to solve after solving the entire paper. The inability to make the right guesses has resulted in bad scores for many candidates. Therefore, firstly, you must pay attention to marking the questions that you know. Please, avoid spending too much time on a single question as it can deteriorate your time management for other questions.

  • Learn the Shortcut Tricks

Well, during the government exam preparations, you must have practiced some shortcut tricks to solve the quants questions. Well, we value your ability to solve the questions without using shortcut tricks. But dear, you must understand that shortcut tricks save your time and improve the accuracy of your answer. You must learn some excellent shortcut tricks for solving the questions relevant to the most important topics. Such as compound interest, time and distances, etc. Otherwise, not using the shortcut tricks will boost the risk of negative marking and slump your overall scores in the exam.

  • Revision 

Well, attempting the right answers within the limited frame of time during the exams is only possible if you have revised the concepts effectively.  You can’t expect yourself to mark the right answer if you haven’t revised the concepts over and over during the preparation days. You compromise the revision of the topics at any cost. Revision is needed to recall the right answer quickly during the exam. Therefore, revise the concepts repeatedly to lower the chances of negative marking. Are you seeking a reputable job in one of the prestigious banks in India? If yes, then commence your bank exam preparations by linking with an excellent coaching institute that offers the best bank coaching in Delhi


The tips mentioned above can help you slump the chances of negative markings in government exams.  Furthermore, follow the appropriate study material to learn the concepts with sheer clarity.

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