Tips for Interviewing a Prospective Emcee for Your Event

Are you organizing a major event? There are so many details to attend to. Thankfully, there are services you can simply hire so you can lighten your own load and focus on coordinating these different areas.

Some of the event particulars that you can leave entirely up to the professionals are catering, security, and entertainment.

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It Has to Be a Professional

You have to be meticulous when hiring entertainers for your event. Acts can be expensive, so you have to be certain that you’re picking the right ones to complement the tone of your affair. Your most important entertainment hire, however, is the master of ceremonies or MC (or emcee).

What does an MC do? Some of the standard duties include capturing the audience’s attention and keeping it focused on what’s happening on stage, introducing acts or the different segments of the program, and influencing the audience’s mood throughout the affair.

Without a doubt, the MC has a huge impact on the spirit of the event, so make sure that you hire somebody who is more than eloquent and charming. You need to get a consummate professional, who is knowledgeable in the protocols of hosting and who can adeptly work the audience in an appropriate and tasteful manner.

Hiring an MC can be a challenge. There is quite a selection to choose from. If you can afford it, go for the top-tier choices. These MCs would all be high-caliber, well-seasoned veterans.

Even with the best of the best, however, you have to follow a reliable screening process so you can be confident that you are making the right choice.

Screening MCs

Unless you already have a tried and proven MC you’ve hired many times in the past, you’ll have to speak with a number of professionals before you can make an informed decision on whom to hire. It’s good to have a list of probing questions to ask in order to find out the information you need to guide your choice.

1.      Did you receive formal training? From where or whom?

As previously mentioned, hosting isn’t just a natural gift for smooth talking and charming an audience. It’s a skill that requires serious know-how. The best MCs have been mentored and tested before they are deemed acceptable to receive compensation for their services.

Great MCs may be excellent at adlibs, but they don’t go up on stage with the intention of just winging it. They’re prepared to tackle the demands of the occasion.

2.      How much and what kind of emceeing experience do you have?

Understandably, hosting a wedding reception is an entirely different affair from hosting a corporate event. Find out if they have ample (if not altogether impressive) experience in the kind of emceeing your event requires.

3.      Do you have a backup MC?

In case of an untoward incident hindering them from fulfilling their duty, do they have another capable MC who can take over for them? The established professionals are usually associated with a network and can secure a reliable backup in case of an emergency.

4.      Are you familiar with the local culture?

In a place like Dubai, it is astute to lean towards getting an MC who is very proficient in English. There is an abundance of expats in the city, and English ties everybody up as the unifying language of communication.

It is important to remember, however, that there is a home culture involved and it behooves you to hire somebody who not only can easily pronounce local names, but also be sensitive to the nuances of the sentiments, politics, and societal norms at hand.

5.      Are you insured?

This is the mark of a true professional. Anybody who provides a service that requires them to interact with an audience must have, at the very least, public liability insurance in case of an accident.

6.      Are you willing to give a refund if you perform poorly?

A money back guarantee certainly speaks volumes about an MC’s confidence in his or her own abilities. This further proves that emceeing is all about skills. No matter what upset the situation presents, a good emcee knows how to land on both feet and maneuver to get things back on track.

The Necessity of Screening

Don’t go with the first decent MC you come across. No matter how highly somebody is recommended, it’s good to shop around. Ask the questions, see the reviews, get testimonials, etc. An MC has the power to make or break your event, so make sure you hire the right person for the job.

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