Things You Have To Keep In Mind When Traveling By Air

Air travel is often a dream come true for many persons. If traveling by air for the first or second time, there are some things you need to bear in mind. Unfortunately, the excitement of traveling by air is often too much making some passengers to forget some essentials. Do not forget to check this page the next time you are traveling by air as the tips listed here, address what you must know prior to the take off time.

     1. Avoid the Last Minute Rush

Although this sounds routine, we always hear announcements being made at the check-in lobby calling for a certain traveler who never turned up on time. Shortly before the boarding time, you the missing traveler comes loaded with bags, a toddler and doesn’t seem to find the ticket in order to check-in. Avoid the last minute check-in as you can easily forget your belongings due to the rushed security check. Always arrive at the airport at least an hour before the departure time. If you are not lucky to own an apartment next to the airport, leave your home early enough to be at the airport on time. If you are lucky and the airport is just a stone throw away from your apartment, make sure you avoid the last minute rush.

     2. Double Check the Flight Information Before Confirming the Booking

Before you confirm the booking, check twice or thrice for the flight information. In some circumstances, people just check the destination, ticket cost, and the flight departure time and forget to confirm whether it is a direct flight or there are stopovers. If using services such as booker online booking, confirm the flight details first to make sure you are booking on the most convenient flight.

     3. Make use of Online Check-in

To save on time, check-in online so that you do not have to queue at the check-in teller. You will find that most airlines have the luggage drop off section for those who check-in online. The online check-in also saves the airline on paperwork and personnel. For the passengers, it saves your time and the hassle associated with manual check-in.

     4. Pack Like a Pro

Do not pack the whole wardrobe when traveling by air. The airlines will charge you for the extra luggage outside the allowed weight. Therefore, only pack the items you will need. Also, pack the essentials in your carry-on bag for easier access. It is always a good thing preparing a checklist of the items you need to pack. If you have several bags, indicate what goes in which bag on the checklist. This makes it easier when unpacking or when you need to quickly fetch something. Do not pack the things you will be needed to show at the airport security check. In addition, check what is allowed at the airport and leave what is not allowed.

     5. If traveling with your Kid, carry the car seat

Car seats are very safe for children. the car seats also help the child to stay calm since the child is already used to the seat. Remember to check whether the car seat is properly attached to the seat of the plane.

Those are the essential air travel tips you need to bear in mind. Remember to arrive early at the airport. The online check-in will save you some time and the hassle of having to queue at the check-in teller. Do not over pack since if you do, you have to pay extra money for the extra weight. Check the allowed weight before you start packing.

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