The Importance of performance testing methodology

To increase the software quality and efficiency test automation plays an important role. Performance testing methodology is as important as focusing on the development of the application. There are so many specific tools which can help you to execute test automated case results. In this way, performance testing can provide guaranteed software efficiency without repeating manual involvement.

To know the importance of the performance testing for your application keep reading the article until the end.

1 Provide your customers with better website speed

A lousy website will always fail to get a good audience for the website. In fact, your website may fall in the list of ignored websites. The automated performance testing tool will allow you to check the speed as well as the efficiency of the website. It will tell you the issues you have on your website while loading the web pages. After solving problems the user will access the website with the basic bandwidth and connectivity speed. This will keep them attracted and encourage their interests.

2 Accelerated results

By using the quick automation testing tools, so much time is saved even for the developers and testers. The tools are helpful to validate the phases of the software project. You can test repeatedly and tools can also deliver you faster results with fewer efforts. The tool is also helpful to improve communication between developers, designers, and clients. Performance testing ensures the higher proficiency of the development team.

3 Enhance the application’s strapping

It is very important the application remains stable during critical times as well as network problems, cyber attacks, virtual threats, etc. Along with various testing methods and tools, performance testing ensures the robustness of the application. Performance testing tools test each layer to identify the performance issues that can cause problems while delivering the expected performance.

4 Check various pyramids of technology

These days’ software application designs are getting complex that leads to implementations of multiple technology layers. Due to multiple layers, it is difficult to ensure the desired performance and application delivery. With the help of performance testing, you can easily identify weak links within the layers of technology pyramids or layers or levels that have been used for the development of the application. This check is also important to know the effect of different technology layers on the website.

5 Database and API related issues

  Due to the usage of APIs (Application Program Interface), it is difficult to source data and ensures the performance of the application. Stress/Load tests do not only help to identify the loading issues of the applications but also to check the behavior of the application with the real-time reactions of the users. It also helps to check the response of the server with the users engaged data. It is also helpful to check the API’s performance at the times of heavy load. The reason behind this is the dependability of the website on the Application program interface(API).

6 Automated tests are reusable

Repetitive nature of the results of test automation cases, in addition to checking the performance of the application, software developers also have the opportunity to access the reactions of the program. The test cases can be reusable and can be utilized in different approaches.  Developers don’t need to load new scripts every time even in the case of the device change. The test results can be used to check the changing growth in the performance of the website.

7 Information Securities

The results of the performance testing are fully dependent upon the type and quality of the data provided by the application developer. If you will test the application manually then it will take much time and the testing methods uses live database copies. Automated performance testing provides security and maintenance to the database in real-time. The testing tools provide time and cost saving environment for the developer as well as the client.

8 Cloud testing environment

Automated performance testing doesn’t provide step by step testing scenario. It actually provides you with the cross-functional environment where all members of the development process can take part and see the results. While using cloud area to store the test cases and test results every team member can engage with the tools of the testing and provide their opinion on the various issues. All the team members can check and download the test results. Cloud testing environment also keep the test results secure and increase accessibility.

9 Maintain application’s responsiveness

   To check the performance of the website’s performance and speed there is a range of free and paid tools available in the market. Open source, as well as license tools, can be used to ensure the performance of the website at different levels.

Most of the tools use real-time web browsers and done testing simultaneously to check the compatibility of the application across various web browsers. Responsiveness is critical for the business organization to achieve the business objective.

10 Make applications stable and dependent

   Every part of the application must be stable and able to deliver consistent results irrespective of changes in the load and any other aspect. With the automated performance tests teams able to check which types of frequent changes are causing the disruption in the response of the application.

Developers can analyze the stats from the test results to identify all problems and issues of the application.


For the success of the organizations, they have to invest in performance testing to ensure the best performance of the application. Organizations can select the open source as well as paid automated testing tools by trying them. To maintain the loading speed of the application, reduce bugs, identify database problems, and to create a responsive website are few of the responsibilities of the automated test results. So, switch to automated performance testing today for great results and to know more interesting facts about testing stay tuned.

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