The Best Cat Trees: Comparative 2018

So that your cat can have fun 24/24 including inside your apartment or house, the cat tree is the ideal accessory! And the good news is that prices are very attractive with the competition of different brands on the market.

Still need to buy the right model! And yes, not all are reliable especially in terms of strength and durability…

Here is a complete shopping guide that should allow you to choose from the best chat trees of the moment according to your budget!

Vesper: the best cat tree on the market?

Our little (or big) felines all have this habit of wanting to climb in height. In fact, it’s a natural instinct that drives them. When they are raised in an apartment or in a house, since there are no trees, they will rush on your different furniture to satisfy this need. Fortunately, brands like Vesper have designed what are known as cat trees. And precisely, this brand offers us here a particularly interesting model.

The strong points

Design: We find more and more simple cat trees, well ordered, but just as effective, without being bulky. This V – High Base is the perfect example. It also offers a very classy rendering with its quality materials. It is made of MDF and offers a finish in laminated walnut finish, which is resistant to claw marks. It will perfectly match the standing of your home, even in your living room, and easily find its place by its discrete dimensions.

Robust: If there is a quality to look for a cat tree, it is robustness. On this side, this V – High Base is among the best students. Already, the MDF with which this model is made resists well marks scratches. But its poles are also made of quality materials, including unbleached seagrass, recognized in terms of strength and durability. The cushions and carpets have a border to prevent them from fray, and even small hanging balls are rattan.

Stable: This design cat tree is very well balanced. A user has even praised this quality, saying that this model has remained marble against the onslaught of his 7 cats, one of them weighed 7 kg. The base of the model having a width and a length of 65 x 65 cm also helps a lot, without forgetting the weight of the whole which does a little more than 20 kg. So we can say that it is also a cat tree for big cat.

Comfortable: It is true that cats often like to find themselves in somewhat uncomfortable positions. But they like comfort as well, and on this point, this high quality wooden cat tree is irreproachable. Indeed, the cushions are made of viscoelastic foam that will adopt the shape of your cat when it will lie on it, that to offer him a cozy comfort.

The weak spots

Dimensions of the berth: According to a user with a big cat, the berth would be a little fair. It is 34 cm long, 34 cm wide and 32 cm high. But do not forget that cats like tight spaces.

TecTake: the best quality / price ratio of the moment

You like your companion and you want to please him, but it is a little difficult to imagine spending more than 100 euros in a tree cat. Rest assured, half of this amount provides access to interesting models. The TecTake brand has just what it takes, and even amazes with this giant model accessible to less than 50 euros. In other words, this cat tree is offered at a very interesting price / quality ratio. Here are some of its features.

The strong points

Design: It must be said that this model is much closer to a natural cat tree with its look, but also with the materials used. We are dealing with a combination of plush and sisal, which offers a warm and cozy effect to all. We also appreciate the small attention to detail of the brand, who took care to affix this small cat print at the base of the product.

Giant cat tree: It is known, cats like the heights, it is from there that they observe their prey. Of course, even if there is no prey in your house, this need to climb in height is always present, a natural instinct. This cat tree is among those that offer good height. Its observation platform rises to 141 cm from the ground.

Multifunction: This cat tree will take care of your companion with its many features. Surfaces to scratch, there are plenty. He can also climb the ladder, sleep in his kennel, play with the rope, settle in the hammock, or rest in the basket, stretch or carry a small toilet on the clear platform of the second floor, hiding in the tunnel or observe from the highest platform.

Stable: Despite its height, it turns out that this cat tree is quite stable. Unless you have a big cat doing break dance on the highest platform, it would be quite difficult to destabilize the whole thing.

Not very bulky: Despite the fact that it is a giant cat tree, it still has contained dimensions, and will be quite discreet. Indeed, with its dimensions of 105 x 60 x 141 cm, it will not occupy much room in the room where you intend to install it. In addition, it is also easy to move, with its low weight of 13.9 kg.

The weak spots

Hammock too fragile: According to some users, the hammock would be quite fragile especially at the level of its bindings. A cat a little heavy could break the strings of fixation. In addition, the hammock would be too small, and would be more suitable for a kitten.

Dibea: the best cheap cat tree

We do not necessarily know all the brands working in the cat tree sector. It turns out that the Dibea brand is of Chinese origin, it specializes in the sector of household electrical appliances and furniture, and has been operating for more than a decade. She also excels in the field of pet toys, and has a whole collection of cat trees, including this cheap model. Be careful, do not think that this model is devoid of qualities. Here are some of his interesting criteria.

The strong points

The price: For sure, the price of this cat tree is among its greatest qualities. When we see the aesthetics and the rendering of the finished product, we admit that this cat tree is not expensive at all, compared to the added value it offers in return.

Design: For some years now, the minimalist design and Zen atmosphere are all the rage. Precisely, this cat tree seems to agree with these trends. A simple object, efficient and sober, this is how this model will be seen in your apartment or your home. The model is also covered with an extremaellous fabric, which will go well with your companion’s coat.

Very compact: If you have few spaces to install a cat tree, it will not cause you any problem on this side, with its more than discreet dimensions of 30 x 50 x 80 cm. Its gray color also makes it very discreet, you will not even notice it except when your cat will be perched there.

Stability: Since cats like acrobatics, it is important that a cat tree is stable. On this side, this model is quite stable, with its base plate of 50 x 30 cm. Its height of 80 cm also contributes to it. Indeed, the higher a cat tree is, the more its stability will be put to the test.

Cats love: According to some customers, their cat loves this cat tree, be it the niche, similar to a cardboard (everyone knows how much cats like to hide in cardboard boxes), or the covered pillars sisal for the scratching session. Not to mention the little pompom or the ball to play, as well as the highest platform for observation.

The weak spots

A little fragile: Of course, at this price, do not really expect a high-end product. According to the owners, the little pompom and its string are the first to give way. But if you are a bit of a handyman, you can easily fix it.

How to choose a cat tree?

Adopting a cat is also adopting his various behaviors and satisfying his different needs. Among his many behaviors and needs, he likes to climb high, make his claws, sleep in a small hiding place, etc. To prevent him from doing all this to the detriment of your furniture, your sofas, your curtains, the best will always be to offer him a cat tree, which can relieve most of these needs. Still it is necessary to know how to choose among the numerous models proposed on the market. To help you, here are some criteria of choice.


There are many types of cat trees of different sizes. It seems logical that size is the first choice criterion to check. Think about where you can install one, measure available space if necessary, to get an idea of the size of the model to choose. As cats like heights, the ideal is to choose a cat tree of a certain height (1m60 or more). Also think about the length and the width.


As you know, cats are real ninjas, they like acrobatics, and they will surely put your cat tree to the test. It will therefore be necessary that the latter is stable, at the risk of falling to your furniture or other. At this level, however, it is found that a cat tree of limited height is more stable (about 1 m). Those with a larger base or pedestal are also more stable, not to mention the weight. The heavier it is, the more it does not move. There is also the wall cat tree, with various supports to ensure stability.


In general, a good cat tree must offer a minimum of features to satisfy a cat. Among others, he must have a niche, one or more platforms to stretch, wash and especially to observe high. If you have many cats, the number of platforms available and very important. Make sure everyone can find a place. It is also necessary that the model can offer the cat what to make his claws. Sisal posts are efficient and durable. Finally, most cat trees often have small hanging babes, inviting the cat to play.


Sleep is an important part of a cat’s schedule. The best is to choose a cat tree where he can sleep in peace and comfort. For this, many brands equip their model cushions, some even offer viscoelastic foam (memory shape), for even more comfort. Still prefer removable models and / or with removable cushions, for easier maintenance and washing.

The brand

As in all areas, there will always be recognized brands and brand new brands that are trying to break through and make a name for themselves. By and large, big brands often charge a high price for a high quality product and a very good after-sales service. As for small brands, they often offer very good value for money, but their products are not really sustainable. There are also the differences between European manufacturing and Chinese manufacturing, etc. Your turn to judge.

Where to buy a cat tree?

Indeed, it does not necessarily come to mind the first time, where to find and / or buy a cat tree. We can find beautiful models in pet shops. If you are looking for a natural cat tree, the garden center can also be an interesting place. But we can also find many models by visiting sites selling animal products, and of course on price comparators. In all cases, you have the choice between physical store and online store. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Buy in an online store

The biggest advantage of buying best cat scratching posts online is that there is much more choice between the many models. Indeed, you can see all models of different brands, different sellers, this while staying in front of your computer screen (or Smartphone or tablet or laptop). You can better compare prices, features, etc. Prices are also often more attractive. However, you can only view the product in photo or video.

Make your cat tree

Another idea is to make your own cat tree. By having the necessary time, the right tools, the right materials, and with a little inspiration, you can manage to build an original cat tree for your cat.

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