Tadalafil and Alcohol

Cialis is a drug from the category of PDE-5 inhibitors, which effectively copes with problems in the sexual sphere in men. The main feature of the product, which makes it very popular among men experiencing potency disorders, is a quick and lasting result after application. After taking Cialis, readiness for sexual intercourse (of course, only if there is sexual desire) is observed for 32-36 hours.

Original (branded) Cialis is produced only in the form of pills for oral administration. They have the shape of an acute triangle with smooth edges and a dark yellow color. Generic Cialis pills can be of any shape and color. Besides the traditional pills, Cialis generics vidalista are available in other dosage forms such as soft pills, oral sachets and even capsules. However, the main component in all of them in any case is Tadalafil. The maximum allowable daily dosage of this medication is 20mg and the options available include 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg of Tadalafil per single dose.

Many men who decide to improve their potency with this drug are interested in how Cialis is combined with alcohol, whether or not they can be used together. This question is very common, because often sexual contact happens after a party or a romantic dinner, where you can’t do without a sip of alcohol. In addition, a reasonable amount of alcohol makes men feel more relaxed and self-confident. In this regard, it is useful for every man who has difficulty with potency to have comprehensive information about whether it is possible to use Cialis and alcohol at the same time, whether they pass the compatibility test. It is also important to understand whether the use of a drug known among men and alcohol is not dangerous for health.

So, the answer to the question, is it possible to take Cialis with alcohol, in the affirmative. There are no categorical contraindications for the joint use of Cialis or its generics with alcoholic beverages. Compatibility with alcohol is even often attributed to the benefits of Tadalafil. However, when combining this medicine with alcohol, one must be aware of the need to observe a reasonable measure. If you abuse any of the two products (Cialis pills or alcohol), then you shouldn’t expect good consequences. This combination can have a very negative impact on the state of the internal organs and systems of the human body. You can harm the central nervous system, heart and other internal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.). In addition, taking Cialis in combination with alcohol can enhance those side effects of Tadalafil, which, without their joint use, are mild or even take place very seldom.

As for the negative effects from the combination of a large amount of alcohol and Cialis, they may be the following: the drug won’t work as long as the promised 36 hours, such side effects as dizziness, headache and nausea will increase, there may be disruptions in normal the functioning of the liver, as well as disorders of the heart and drops in blood pressure. The latter factors are especially dangerous, up to death. Don’t consume more than 2-3 shots of spirits, or 3 glasses of wine, or 600 ml of beer with Generic Cialis.

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