Smart Technologies in Education Boost Learning Outcomes

Smart Technologies in Education
Education technology and smart technology has transformed learning experienced. Smart technology has geared the advance learning process and its outcomes more effectively. If it is said that smart technology becomes vital in order to get success in academic life and necessary for todays learners, schools and teachers then it is not wrong
In the starting of this year, the SMART technologies commissioned conducted a survey in which 481 schools are involved and 10 educational leaders from different countries are participating to find linked between smart technologies and learning outcomes. It is found that schools who used smart technologies have better learning outcomes including better test scores, leaning satisfaction
There are different studies who found that smart technology leads to the better learning outcomes when the schools utilized best teaching practices. in the study topic Teaching, Technology and Learning: Understanding the Interconnectionstated that smart technologies, collaborative learning, excellent teaching style, effective teaching approach and smart classroom drive to more positive learning outcomes. Smart technology and collaborative learning style are work best with each other in the learning environment smart learning environment are engaging, effective, productive and smart as always. With the help of smart learning environment selflearning, selfmotivated, and personalized skills have been developed that help learner learning outcome through learning at their comfort zone
One of the smart technology that enhances the learning outcomes like the smart board. In most of the schools, smart boards are installed so that learners get the maximum learning during classrooms. The smart board is a way to enhance the student learning. The smart board is full of different types of learning experience like with smart board provide sound, visual, text and animations that motivate learners to clearly and deeply understand any type of topic. Smart board featured an advanced setting that helps teacher as well as the learner to easily navigate the board. through smart board learning outcomes is achieve because through learner from a smart board, student enhances the ability to understand the topic through video, charts, diagrams and many other mean to deliver the message through the huge screen. The main advantage of the smart board is that it is interactive. Due to its ability of interactive nature students can engage during the learning process more effectively than ever before
Smart technology also includes all smart devices such as Smart phones, tablet or iPad. With the smart technologies, students can access the huge amount of resources on any topic at anytime and anywhere.  Teachers can also keep the course content on a particular portal, student learning group so that every student can access resources whenever they want. Students can be used for these type of technology in searching for material as well as finding creative ideas. Hence with the smartphones technologies, students can learn more effective and important at their suitable time where they comfort without any restrictions. All these points can drive to positive learning outcome in the learning process
Theresearchers have found that adopting smart technology in the classroom has proven the success rate among the learners and effective to achieve the positive outcomes in the learning process. Smart technology has boosted the literacy level, improve attentiveness among students, grades and many more. Teachers are also reported that smart technology helps a lot to deliver the lesson effectively, smartly and in order to engage students even in the bore and complex topic. Smart technology presents an effective environment where students utilized a different learning approach according to their own level of understanding
Adopting smart technology during learning process help to achieve learning outcomes and these learning outcomes are categorized into four level of skills and abilities which are discussed below in detailed

Basic knowledge and core skills.

Development of basic knowledge and core skills are achieved when learners adopt smart technology during the learning process. The core knowledge and skills include the ability to read, write, STEM, art, and design etc. these core knowledge and skills are the foundation of the effective learning process. Students become master in these areas when they continuously utilizing smart technology in the learning process. There is research found that mathematics, reading, and writing are the core skills that are essential to get success in the 21st century.  

Comprehensive abilities

Smart technology boosts the critical thinking and problemsolving capability among students. These skills are very important to get success in academic life as well as professional life. These skills students utilized to get success in comprehensive thinking and to cope up with the complex situation during the learning process. These skills helpful in the decisionmaking process or doing any judicial process, come with the creative solution to any problem and so on

Personalized expertise.

Personalized expertise is developed among students through using smart technology solutions in the learning environment. With this skills, students become master in information and technology knowledge, innovation, and creativity skills. The knowledge of this skill increase cognitive capability, ICT thinking skills for learning can also enhance. Schools and teachers always demand creative and innovative thinking among students and it will be achieved through personalized expertise

Collective intelligence.

Collective intelligence is another learning outcome that is achieved through adopted smart technologies. Collective intelligence describes the knowledge that is established through working together in a group through effective communication and collaboration. In group collaboration communication skill is improve, increase confidence and student know how to act and behave while working in a team
Hence all these skills are achieved when teacher and students utilized smart technology during a learning process. Learning outcomes are the positive academic performance and development of skills and capabilities that can be quickly and effectively achieve through smart technologies. Finally, you can read more reviews about tech and software on or for more useful knowledge for your life.
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