Significance of Google Reviews for Hoteliers in 2023

Gathering reviews is the current trend in marketing tactics that are helping businesses in the long term. It is widely accepted by businesses from all industries, especially in the hospitality industry. The key benefit of channelizing and optimizing this marketing strategy is to cater to a large audience in one go.

As far as the hoteliers and the hospitality industry are considered the best, and the most efficient strategy is to add a Google review widget to their webpage. Since Google is a prominent search engine, embedding Google reviews can result in high sales volume and, eventually, business growth.

This enhances the look and feel of the website and portrays the page as genuine and legitimate.

The most simple and easy way to embed Google reviews on the website is through social media aggregator tools. These tools have a user-friendly interface and come with handy features of customization and profanity filters along with the auto-update review widget. 

Aggregators allow the user to collect, curate and embed Google reviews conveniently and without any prior coding knowledge. You get a dedicated Google review widget from these tools that enable you to showcase reviews with ease. Further, the tools offer a variety of layouts and templates to adjust and enhance the look of the review widget as per the user’s preference.

Let us now shed some light on the importance of adding online reviews on website for hoteliers and the hotel industry.

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews on Website for Hoteliers:

While hoteliers and hotel industry professionals have a love-hate relationship with online reviews, some can find this process of asking the customers for reviews and ratings tiring and tedious process, but this is quite an essential one for accelerating the growth of your hotel’s website.

But to the reader’s surprise, this can be easily done via email, messages, and rating links sent to the customer once they avail of your hospitality service. Here are some handpicked reasons for the importance of adding Google reviews to the hotel’s website.

1. Helps the consumer decide effectively:

The most crucial benefit of embedding online reviews onto your website is to help potential customers decide the best for them. Customers have a tendency to look for reviews and validations before making a purchase. And the reviews embedded on the page help the website to put forth a very lucrative and impressive side to hook and attract the website visitors to their page.

The website designers just have to make sure they carefully observe and analyze the reviews before embedding the reviews on their page, as negative reviews can hamper the decision of purchasing the consumer. Consumers get overwhelmed and build trust with the brand on the basis of the reviews they see and read about it. 

Here the social media aggregators have got you covered as they enable the user to segregate and select between all reviews and put up the most appropriate on the webpage to keep the website visitor’s eyes rolling. 

2. Boosts SEO ranking:

The reviews embedded in the website improve and enhance the hotel website’s search engine rankings. This boosts the visibility of the website. A better search engine ranking helps the website reach more people, thus increasing its volume and online presence.

More people visiting your website mean that you can expect more traffic and higher conversion rates. 

3. Digital word of mouth:

The virtual marketing spree also depends on word of mouth and recommendations by ordinary people who are the users who aviled the hotel’s services. Customers can recommend and pass on word of mouth about the hotel in terms of reviews. 

These reviews further help the website visitors to explore the website for the experience and exciting perks of availing the service provided by the hotel. The recommendations have more impact on the masses than any influencer marketing could. This is due to the human connection associated with it.

4. Online reputation management:

Online reviews help sustain and monitor the brand’s online reputation. The website developer might use some online reputation management tools to create a good image for the website. People are always more intrigued and interested in a website that has a positive and responsible imaged online. 

A good image can be easily built by embedding positive reviews on the website, which reflect upon the user’s first-hand experience. This genuine feedback enhances the authenticity and reputation of the webpage on the internet. And the website owners can expect an influx of more people and higher conversion rates.

5. Opportunity to correct problems:

As the hotelier’s business is all about providing services and hospitality at its best, there are often chances of human errors that might lead to some not-so-kind comments and reviews. The website developer must carefully proofread before putting up any review on the web page. and the hoteliers are advised to patiently and tactfully handle negative comments.

The reviews will always be like mixed bags of both negative and positive reviews. Though positive reviews boost the enthusiasm of the owner, the negative ones should be taken as an opportunity to correct the problems. Having room for improvement and improvisation always helps and speeds up the positive and problem-solving image-building process of the hotel’s website.

6. Optimization of reviews:

With the influx of multiple reviews, the hotelier can optimize their reviews and channel and formulate strategies to improve and adjust their existing services. The negative reviews evidently provide valuable information that the hotelier should work upon.

However, the positive comments can be categorized into two broad categories, i.e., considerate reviews and emotive reviews; these reviews laud and appreciate the efforts and services offered by the hoteliers. The optimization process gives way and direction for the hotels to devise plans accordingly.

7. Higher conversations with consumers:

Refining and segregating reviews are the most convenient and simplest way to bridge the communication gap between customers and service providers. The consumers feel acknowledged and overwhelmed to share their experiences about their stay at the hotel. Other customers also get inspired and enthusiastic about writing reviews.

Thus this cycle of reviews establishes a relationship between the consumer and the hotelier. Also, when the hotelier reverts and acknowledges gratitude towards its consumers, the consumers feel valued and worthy of opinions. This keeps the consumer intact with the hotelier and makes them brand loyalists and brand advocates.

8. Website credibility and awareness:

The best part about embedding Google reviews on the hotel’s webpage is that it helps boost and enhance the website’s credibility and awareness on the internet. Reviews on the website have a far better impact on the audiences and help create a good first impression on the website visitors.

Due to some impressive reviews embedded, the hotelier’s website gets attention from people, which increases the website’s credibility. Along with garnering more truthful reviews, the website also creates space on the internet, which helps create awareness about the website and eventually makes its reach sore high and to a much wider audience.

To Conclude

It won’t be wrong if we say that online reviews are the next big social media marketing strategy and can open untapped opportunities and portals of growth for the hotelier’s website. They will be able to share their services and their customer’s experience with a wider audience once they embed Google reviews on their website. This will also help them stay relevant and buzzing, eventually increasing website traffic.

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