Seven Best Destinations To Plan Your Dream Wedding

There are a number of events in our life which are unforgettable compared to the rest. Occasions like graduation (your’s or your kids), birthdays, wedding (most memorable), etc. So, whether you are a mom (either of the groom’s or bride’s) or planning your destination wedding; opting for a perfect destination is an overwhelming thing. You know this will be your day – the day in which you will be the center of attention. A list of thoughts ran through your mind, such as finding the perfect dress, matching shoe, jewelry, cake, decorations, and most importantly, venue. As soon as you think about which place to choose, you remember your favourite aunt living in another part of the world, your cousin Betty in the other. How will you make sure people you love to attend your wedding day. For this; choosing a destination wedding is a perfect option. It ensures that everyone you want will come and witness the most memorable day of your life.

Best Destinations for Wedding

Researching for which destination is better is confusing. In one place you will get the perfect view while in the other the best cakes and wines. To put some ease in your already bubbling list of issues, we have hand-picked seven best wedding destinations which will have everything: food, wine, cake, view, and an oh-so-perfect day.

Phuket – Thailand

An unforgettable day deserves an extraordinary venue. Celebrating the union of two people, Phuket has played its part in witnessing a fair share of happy tears and kisses. White sand across acres of land with sparkling water, giving the perfect scenery and serenity. Your wedding day will have the beauty of the beach. Everyone attending and witnessing the union of two souls amidst the peaceful and tranquil surroundings. The perfect months for a beach wedding in Phuket are from December to March. Your wedding invitees will be stunned by finding out the number of native beaches and top-of-the-line spas. Night-life in Phuket is vibrant and full of fun as well.

Ocean View Club, Harbour Island – Bahamas

Photographs are essential, and they must be perfect. So, choosing Ocean View Club from Harbour Island is the right choice. Given the setting and surrounding of this place, every year, Ocean View witness numerous chic brides enjoying their day. A reason for its popularity are owners of the Club: Ben and Charlie, who have decorated the Club accordingly. Located on Pink Sand beach, no matter what kind of decorations you opt for; they will look stunning. You can host a bachelorette party in the main resort. The Club offers best Online promo codes for couples to avail additional add-ons for the wedding.

The Olive Gardens, Malta – Europe

A gem of the island, it’s a seamless package: perfect weather, the island is bursting with culture, antiquity and impeccable wedding sites. Not every couple favoursthe city noises and activities. If you are from a group which prefer serene wedding destination; The Olive Gardens in Malta is perfect for you. Located in a historic city of Mdina, this wedding venue has space bothways: in and out. With flawless gardens and a swimming pool area, it is fenced by luscious plants and olive groves – a sublime setting in the day and gorgeously lit fortressinthe night-time.

The Enchanted Forest at Killyon Manor, Meath – Ireland

An exquisite coalesce of bucolic and avant-garde, definig this place an impeccable location for a quixotic, off-the-wall and impressive wedding. The forestry skins lots of idiosyncratic alcoves and fissures, but the main characteristic of the venue, as well as the destination, is the gorgeous relics, which fashion an exclusive backdrop for vows. Nature taking the lead on these 60 acres, bubbling with natural wildlife –bumblebees, buttercups, butterflies, birds, etc. The main attraction of this wedding destination is ideal for smaller and humble heart unions. Escape from all the societal pressures and have a wedding that’s simply for love. From the core of the Island Wood encompassing a clandestine derelict chapel, ceiled by bowing trees, with egrets for the choir. For the minimalistic wedding, take your lover, and a few friends and family members.

Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi – UAE

Opting for Ritz-Carlton is a good choice. There are various venues from which you can select depending on the number of guests and how lavish you want the wedding. Napoli, Pool Garden, Grand Canal Beach, etc. are among some of Ritz-Carlton’s wedding venues. With this, your choice of venue will receive unparalleled decorations, menus and drinks, wedding cake, etc. The hotel’s several venues provide whatever setting the couple wish to have in their dream wedding. The resort offers personalized spa treatments for the brides as a compliment.

Punta Cana, Caribbean – Dominican Republic

Consisting of several beautiful beaches in the world this place is yet another perfect location for your dream wedding. Offering resorts, 800 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches with coconut palms enclosing warm sapphire waters. This wedding destination is ideal for couples who wish to have a warm-weather wedding. Also, the major manufacturer of cigars in the world, Punta Cana provides fun cigar-rolling places as well as a perfect night-life for your guests. Additionally, compared to all the settings and surroundings it has to offer, it is quite affordable than the rest of the places.

Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate, Stellenbosch – South Africa

With a swift change in trend, couples opt for vineyards nowadays. There are many places for a vineyard destination wedding, but the Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate of Stellenbosch in South Africa is the best. A 45 minutes drive from famous Cape Town, entailingmagnificent mountains in the skyline with an architecture resembling that to a Mediterranean elegance. Molenvliet Wine & Guest Estate has a dreamlike atmosphere which is impossible to get somewhere else. The difference between this and other châteaux is an out-of-doors greeting, and the white banquet hall – an epitome of contemporary sophistication.

In a Nutshell

To have a destination wedding is a dream countless couples see, but few fulfil. The reason for not having a destination wedding has little to do with money and a lot to do with what location you choose, the time of year, guests list, and other obstacles a couple face. Locations mentioned above are quite affordable, open throughout the year, and offer surreal sceneries and settings.

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