Sad love quotes for the ones who value words

In sad love quotes, if you tell how you feel and get no reply to the absence of response in your answer is move on. In today competitive world all try to push out in a different way people use harsh words other people do wrong actions; however, the wise man maintains silence move in their life. You will find the collections of sad love quotes. In sad love, there are so many things run in my mind when I say all these things I go mute.

Sometimes we are hugely affected by our lovers in which we neglect our voice and become coward in the world. Sad love quotes that make you cry show the presence of many emotions which we cannot express in words. I don’t prefer to justify my verdict to those who don’t value my opinion. In sad love quotes, we realize our mistakes and try to cure what we did in life. In every situation, we keep silence its effect positive or negative on growth.

Sad love quotes that make you cry show a deep feeling when someone does not value your words.

A person who truly loves you is the one who catches your silence.

Sometimes love plays a better role in which words cannot play.

We should speak only when our words are stronger than our silence.

Spend your life with those who understand the reason behind your emotions.

I can say a lot of things in silence although you want to hear my words.

Below are bizarre, sad love quotes for him that help you to maintain in life.

Love is the only route to unite one soul to other souls.

Sad love is an overflow of the lot of question answer which I want to say you.

Our soul speaks when we preserve touching feelings and have a distance from the world.

Love is when we understand the reason for the emotions of our partner.

When you truly connected to someone you can apprehend their feelings in a lot of emotions.

With the help of these sad love quotes, you can imagine the essence of your inner voice.

Love does not lead to depression it leads to inner peace which we get by understanding our soul.

You have to stay silent in public to make life more disciplined.

Sometimes we regret our words though never regrets our silence because love always speaks the truth.

Sad love speaks a lot of things which you never know.

Silence is the best method to realize other people’s mistake.

Below you find the inspirational collection of sad love quotes.

Words are not always needed to represent our feelings; sometimes love is necessary.

Sad love is as kind of a reaction as statements.

I want to live life in love because in love there are no arguments.

Some people say silence destroy our mind; however, I assume silence make emotionally strong.

Silence is a big weapon it destroys our all long lasting relationship.


In sad love quotes that make you cry, we hide our harsh words to others but never hide these words from our soul and hurt ourselves. You ignore everything in life; however, you do not ignore sound that creates in love. Never make the negative perception of the person who maintains the emotions in every situation; maybe he is wiser than others or does not wants to create any controversy.

We have involved with some activities which create a negative impact in life we do not know how to handle. Some people think silence means to stop talking to the person, however, in reality, we never stop talking. Here we come with sad love quotes that make you cry which help you to rise from unnecessary things or recognize from your soul.

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