5 Ideas on How to Prepare for Your Comprehensive Final Exam

When you are busy with your post-graduate studies, you will have to put all that knowledge to the test. Usually, students only study one section of their work for an exam. This will change with your comprehensive final exam. In this one, you will have to cover all of the course work and it usually is a ton. In order for you to study everything, you need to have a plan. There is no getting away from it, but you can approach the situation better. First, you want to make sure that you have all of your study material handy. It would be a time waste and frustrating to be searching at the last minute. The following ideas will not only help you study better but give you the results you want.

Time management

Let’s start right at the beginning. When you know your exam date, it is time to start a schedule. Do not let too much time pass if you want to be successful. We are often only overwhelmed because we left important tasks until the last minute. When you make your schedule, you want it to be attainable. It is senseless planning out your time if you are not going to stick with it. Time management is crucial to the success of preparing for your exam.

Get advice

Speak to some students who have already written this exam. With comprehensive finals, you need to gather as much information as possible. There are no better people to speak to than those who have been through it. You may be pleasantly surprised by how open people are to share their knowledge. There really are no bad effects from doing this and you can greatly benefit. In order to get the results you are looking for, you have to go the extra mile.

Previous papers

If you are able to get your hands on some old exam papers, you might have struck gold. Even if the same questions are not in your exam, it gives you a lot of guidance. You are able to see the style of questions asked and what is expected of you. Perhaps you underestimated the gravity of this exam and realize it when you look at these papers. You can also use some of the questions as practice. Try and answer as many of these questions, even if it’s not in your actual exam.


Although you want to crunch as much into your study time, you also have to rest when needed. The comprehensive test meaning is to challenge everything that you have learned. It is a lot of work to get through and can be overwhelming. If you do not get adequate rest, you can burn out and nothing that you are studying will be committed to memory. Always allow yourself to get sleep when needed or a quick break away from your table. At the end of the day, this all adds up to give you the desired results.


This might be the most obvious tip, but you have to work hard to achieve the goals you want. Thinking about the mountain of work in front of you is not going to help. You have to actually sit down and get some work done. Break everything up into small sections and focus on one at a time. When you look at the bigger picture, you are often overwhelmed. The hours you put into your studies is going to pay off and the reward will be that score you are hoping to get. Now, these days there are so many technologies which can help to boost learning outcomes.

How do you prepare for your comprehensive final exam?

Do you apply any specific strategies that get you the best results or do you just wing it? With such an important exam, there is not much room for procrastination. A lot of content needs to be committed to memory, but it also needs to be understood. Once you grasp what it means, everything becomes easier. There are no shortcuts and if you start early enough, you have a good chance of success. Believe in the knowledge you have gained in class and you will succeed.


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