Which are the most popular restaurants in the Louisville?

Louisville in Kentucky has started gaining popularity for its modern and lively restaurant scene. Whether it is barbecues or fine dining experience, Louisville has certainly upped its game this year. Louisville is on its way to becoming the most popular culinary destination in Kentucky. If you are in Kentucky and want to know what the hype is all about, pay a visit to the most popular Louisville restaurants:

  1. Mark’s Feed Store: Mark’s Feed Store has been in the culinary business since 1988 and is known to serve the best barbecue in Louisville. The magnificent dishes along with award-winning barbecue sauces make Mark’s Feed Store a very popular restaurant in Kentucky. Foodies and bloggers from all over the state recommend Mark’s Feed Store for its great food and good quality flavors. The amazing staff, great sauces and unmatched taste make Mark’s Feed Store a favorite for anyone that pays a visit. It is undeniably one of the most popular Louisville restaurants.
  2. Decca: Decca is a favorite of all the locals of Louisville because of its amazing ambiance and unique décor. The building of the restaurant is from the 19th century and the walls of Decca have been worked on by the local artists. This creates a unique vibe for the restaurant. The drinks and food here are also very popular. Hand-cut Steak Tartare and pan-roasted mussels are some of the amazing options in starters that you can try here. For mains, you can’t go wrong with wood-grilled broccoli o caramelized new potatoes. Non-Veg lovers can select crispy salmon with Tahini and butter beans. Alternatively, they can opt for roasted chicken breast with bread dumplings.
  3. Pat’s Steakhouse: If you love steak, pat’s steakhouse is the best place for you to dine in. The restaurant was opened 50 years ago and has become the go-to steakhouse for all the people in Louisville. The steak from pat’s steakhouse is unparalleled and there are other unique dishes offered as well. You can also go there for the frog legs and the oysters that are prepared with an exotic touch. The old fashioned charm and great cuisine make pat’s steakhouse one of the most popular Louisville restaurants.
  4. Proof on Main: Proof on Main is a Latin restaurant which is also an art gallery in part. The restaurant gives you a peek into the culture with upscale drinks and sophisticated food on offer. You can move around with a drink in your hand and observe all the great exhibits in the gallery. Visit proof on main to sit with your friends to enjoy a full course meal in its beautiful ambiance.
  5. Jack Fry’s: Jack Fry’s is an absolute favorite for most of the people in Kentucky. The restaurant is situated in an old building and is known for its elegant atmosphere. The restaurant is one of the highest-rated Louisville restaurants. The creative menu and old-school vibes make it one of the most popular Louisville restaurants.
  6. Mayan Café: They have been serving eclectic Mayan food for years now. They have been serving the food of their chef, Bruce Ucán, a Mayan Indian from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, for over 20 years. The innovative dishes certainly stand apart from the others and create a distinct impression as one of the most popular Louisville restaurants. In case of private parties or corporate events, you can order from their catering services too. The top-notch quality of food blended with courteous service makes for a joyous combination. Food lovers can also savor a casual expression of their culinary delight with the food truck that is set up in partnership with gravely brewing co.
  7. Buck’s Restaurant and Bar: If continental dining is your thing, then you can never go wrong with the delightful ambiance and lip-smacking menu of the buck’s restaurant and bar. This eatery has modeled itself as a sophisticated place to hang out with your friends and your loved ones for a blissful evening of fine dining done right. You can start the course with fried oysters Rockefeller or ARANCINI DI RISO (risotto balls stuffed with Fontina, bleu cheese, peas, & artichokes with balsamic reduction & marinara). For mains, you can pick the chicken stir-fry or sweet potato risotto.

If you are in Louisville and interested in trying out new and good restaurants, visiting these popular restaurants will be a delightful experience. You can be assured of having a great time with your friends, acquiesces, or loved ones when you spend time at these restaurants. They are rated very highly by the people of Kentucky and often feature in the top 10 lists of best restaurants here in Louisville. Whether it is the best barbecue at Mark’s Feed Store or other fine dining experience, the restaurants in Louisville will surely win your heart. If you don’t get the time to try out the most popular Louisville restaurants, be sure to at least visit the five popular restaurants mentioned in the list.

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