Major Information Technology Trends to Watch out for in 2019

There are many maturing and upcoming technology trends, which will shape the way how the New Year will be for humanity. These trends will transform all major industries and accelerate at a rapid pace to change the concept of many things around us. The emerging technologies which we discuss here will shape the future world and will be the new horizon of business decision makers and the stakeholders alike.

The innovative digital mesh of the coming times will interconnect humans with devices, robots, data, and services, which all experience a digital transformation in recent times. The current disruptive trends in technology may propel the future in which many more technology leaders get evolved and the change the pace of the trends.

The most obvious technology to watch for in 2019 will be the introduction of 5G, which will increase the internet processing speeds by around ten times. It can be considered as the backbone of all the other revolutions expected in technology. Without 5G, none of the said technologies would be made possible. From autonomous vehicles to IoT may not function as desired without the 5G networks.

Now, let’s explore the technologies to watch for in 2019:

Artificial Intelligence in light of Machine Learning

We have already started seeing AI cars running roads. Very soon, we may expect driverless cars to drive us back home on a daily basis. Artificial Intelligence is making a huge difference in our lives lately, and many scientific breakthroughs are expected in this sector in the coming years. Owing to the vast amount of data being created from many sources, these new technologies may change the fate of businesses and enterprises.

We can expect AI and Machine Learning to get embedded into business platforms and enable smarter business operations. Advancements in Machine Learning algorithms and allied technologies will contribute towards advance AI capabilities, and robotics and autonomous vehicles will be the two biggest industries benefiting from it in 2019.

We can also expect a huge convergence in Artificial Intelligence in 2019 with Deep Learning getting into business applications. As learning technologies and artificial intelligence may combine to optimize results, AI can achieve greater accuracy in various applications. Even though there are a lot of controversies around AI, we have to wait and see to which extend AI will go.

Expectations about database technology

Considering any technological development of recent times, it will hard to avoid the significant shift in the landscape of database management. Apart from the conventional RDBMS and SWL, you can now hear a lot of new names like Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB with many of them being non-relational. As data is considered to be an integral part of any enterprise application, it isn’t possible to avoid the significance of these technologies.

However, when it comes to managing databases in 2019, one may expect solutions for these below weaknesses typical non-relational DB systems are experiencing now:

  • Returning to the old navigational model – Some of the new databases now reinstated the same status as in the pre-relational database systems where the physical and logical representation of data were tightly coupled.
  • Failure to handle multi-object transactions – Another inability of the non-relational DB systems of the recent times is to handle any multi-object transactions effectively. As com points out, this poses the possibility of unpredictability and inconsistency, leading to many undesirable outcomes.
  • Noncompliance with BI – Many of the NoSQL systems like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, etc. offers more features to programmers than helping the business owners. In the case of broader enterprise-level operations, the absence of an SQL layer may isolate these types of systems from universal access.
  • Need for a lot of compromises – As there is a wide range of database solutions now, in many cases, these specialized solutions may not be an exact requirement for the customized requirements of enterprises. Many times, you may have to choose between multiple database architectures to meet your purpose.

In 2019, an ideal database solution is expected to:

  • A fine-tunable model which will let to run a strictly relational database management style ACID transactions or a soft dynamo-style consistency or somewhere in between.
  • Offering support to a relational and compatible database schema by broadly representing data in the relational model, and also allowing extensible schemas by supporting the embedded JSON type data models.
  • A database which supports different APIs and various languages. As SQL seems to remain in the domain of a primary DB language, it may further get supplemented by the graph languages like Cypher with the ability for speedy processing through MapReduce and other algorithms of Directed Acyclic Graph.
  • A plug and play storage model for physical data storage on the disk-like B-trees or Log Structured Merge trees to ensure an optimal storage structure.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is another fast-emerging technology, and many top organizations,  researchers, and even governments are working on it for long. The race in it is now towards making the first of its kind fully-functional quantum computer. With its massive computational power, these supercomputers will set an open myriad of possibilities in terms of cloud computing and data management in the near future than the current on-premise methods. As we can see, IBM is now offering cloud quantum computing based services at scale.

We can expect that the tight competition for supercomputer will intensify in 2019 and the first quantum computer will gain some significant advantages over others who follow suit. As of now, the last mile of this race is highly secretive, but we may start seeing more lights in it this year.


This year, another major delight of the industry would be Blockchain, which may in active use in the enterprise applications. The major corporations may start using Blockchain application to improve collaboration and also ensure security. Blockchain may come out in terms of the transaction of cryptocurrency as it is invented for and may ultimately become a crucial part in the business platforms. Blockchain may enable more transparency in business transactions across the spectrum.

There are many more things expected to happen in terms of mobile technology as well as communication standards, which in combination with the above, will change the fate of not only businesses but also the daily lives of individual human being.

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