Kindle Vs. IPad: Which Device is Better for Reading?

Kindles were a revolutionary device when they first showed up a few years ago. They were in direct competition with hardcover and softcover books. Even though people still vehemently defend all paperback books, the reality is that Kindles were a success because they were lightweight, easy to use, and had hundreds of amazing features to choose from. Paperback books had none of that. Carrying 10-20 average sized paperback books seems to be quite a daunting task because of all the weight you have to carry, but with a Kindle, you can have access to thousands of books while carrying one, slim rectangle.

At this point in the argument, we see the emergence of handheld tablet devices such as the iPad. An iPad can virtually carry out all the functions of a Kindle and more as well. So many people have started questioning the need for a Kindle now since nearly everyone has iPads now and bearing the burden of the Kindle seems a bit excessive.

But are there any features that the Kindle holds which still make it a relevant device? Let us find out:

If you are reading the graphic text:

The graphic text includes many different kinds of books like textbooks with a lot of diagrams and comic books.

Most Kindles do not have a color display; they have different ranges of black and white displays which makes it a significant drawback for people who have to read the graphic-heavy text. Other than that, most digital textbooks and comic books are developed for being read on devices such as iPads because they are often in a PDF format. You can convert a PDF format book to a Kindle format book but it often costs a bit of money, and you cannot change the font size or view it as clearly as you would on an iPad either.

An IPad has a bigger screen, so you do not have to worry about missing out on the details. iPads also have a rich color display which will keep the fun of reading graphic-heavy texts intact. The most graphic text is read by children who often find that controlling an iPad is easier for them than controlling a Kindle.

Winner: IPad

If you are reading Novels:

Novels are usually black and white with little to no details. Because of this reason, reading them on a Kindle is the best decision. You can set the font size as big or as small as you like and read. You can also read novels on your Kindle be it indoors or outdoors since the display remains the same. Reading novels on your iPad puts unnecessary strain on your eyes because of the LCD.

Other than that, iPads can be a lot more distracting because of all the other features they contain. If you are trying to immerse yourself in the story of the novel and you keep getting notifications and calls, then you certainly won’t be able to concentrate.

The Kindle, on the other hand, has one specific feature so you will be able to focus on your reading without worrying about notifications and other distractions.

Winner: Kindle

If you want to read in the sun:

It is a risky business taking your iPad outside for reading novels because you will probably not be able to look at your screen clearly since it will be too dark.

A Kindle does not make use for the same LCD-based technology like an iPad, so you can read on a Kindle anywhere you want, be it indoors or outdoors.

Winner: Kindle

Which one is better for your eyes?

An iPad used an LCD based display which makes the IPad a source of light. So to work on your iPad, you have to look directly into a source of light which puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your eyes.

A Kindle does not have this LCD, and it is not a source of light. This is why it is easier to read it in the sun as well. So naturally, it saves your eyes from a lot of potential strain. Check this post here.

Winner: Kindle

Kindle Vs. IPad: Which Device is Better for Reading?

How much access to different books do you want?

With an iPad, you have access to hundreds of different bookstores. You can also read in a variety of different formats as you wish, including the Kindle format.

With a Kindle, however, you only have the Amazon bookstore. Even though you can find thousands of books in Kindle Malaysia for the Best Prices, it is still less than the number of books available for an iPad.

Winner: iPad


The competition between the Kindle and the iPad has been neck and neck for most points. If you are a heavy reader and find solace in your novels, then you should go for the Kindle because it will be worth it in the long run.

However, and iPad does get the job done for the most part and is an excellent option if you are not an avid reader.

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