Improving lifestyle by following green plant revolution

What is in the plants?, which persuade men to grow more and more, and of different varieties, and species, what is in the flowers? Which makes man to grow in his home, what is in the greenery? Which cause everyone to grow in every part of the world? The answer is not just its beauty, the reasons behind this phenomenon is too diverse to be described.

Natural phenomenon

Plants is not the species which populate all by itself, it is not the men who makes its population, it is not the men who makes them grow, but what about those places where men just can’t reach, and those undiscovered places where the most wild flowers bloom and sheds its petals, without waiting for anyone to pluck, and without waiting for poet to write the poems, just losing its delicious scent in the deserted air, without waiting for anyone to smell and bottled it up, Most of the species grow where men cannot reach, deep inside the caves of sea surrounding by the wild sharks, diamonds and pearl, living in the most deserted places where men cannot think to live even for a minute, and at the unreachable heights at the top of cliffs in the form of food only for the wild animals and insects to eat.

Indeed, it is not the men who brings them up it is the nature, who create offspring for the next generation, the way a pollen grain fly away; it may be the natural agents: birds and insects or may be carried by the flow of air, or the water currents, or even plants themselves.

Plants are friends in sorrow and happiness

Plants are those friends of men with whom they share their lives, share their joys and sorrows, these are the flowers which are given to the patients in the hospital, in their most critical and serious condition, and when the men dies these are the very plants which are thrown upon its grave, these flowers are given when someone is born in the form of new beginnings and new happiness, these flowers are our friends for life time we keep receiving them at every age, and every birthday of our life, our houses are being decorated with the flowers, on our birthday and we receive them in the form of gifts and on all the traditional events : Eid, Christmas, Diwali and so on men keeps them, and change them with their relatives and friends in the form of love and compassion.

Usages of plants

Flowers are nature’s most delicate and precious gift, flowers are inspiration for most of the jewelers, they use the natural beautifiers in their work in order to intensify its looks and delicacy, preservatives are used on flowers while making the jewelry to long last its life, they are so light in weight unlike the heavy metallic jewelry which damages the skin of its users,

Girls use flowers in the form of accessories, jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, head wares, to increase their beauty charms.

Agreement of plants with man

It is the nature of men that he always wants best of the best, great of the great, he wants to advance in every aspect of his life, at every level, he always tries to ease his life at possible measures, he always wants all the facilities life can provide all the comfort and ease. He tries to maintain lifestyle of high caliber which counts in the most of the best, people always wants the one which is beautiful in outer looks, men is always attracted by physical charms and flowers are used from centuries in almost everything which is capable to be decorated, flowers are the ornaments which are easy to use, flowers are easy to carry because they are living and natural, it all needs to place them somewhere and in instant it provides life to corresponding object.

Plants as a means of decoration

Men use flowers and plants both in the living and non living form in order to decorate his home, workplace, offices, and educational institutions, even in public place to create the effect of class in nothingness. Use discount codes to save money on flowers and plants.

Plantations at home

Many people forms specific areas regarding it to the name of plants, plants in garden area, backyard, lawn, gallery, , and at the top roof top, flowers and plants in the home alternates the whole outlook of house, they do not only create the beautiful surroundings, but also cleanses our air, they emits the very oxygen which we inhale in order to live, that is why plants are called life lines, They also store carbon, offsetting harmful byproducts of fossil-fuel burnings. They are also called natural cleanser because they trap all the dust particles, pollen grains and protect us from several harmful diseases. Besides plants moderates the effects of wind and temperature, plants in our house can reduces the cost of air conditioners. And altogether the emissions of chlorofluorocarbons and Freon which are harmful for our environment and ozone layer.

Essential equipments need for plants

There are certain things which are helpful while gardening at your house first of all you need the area where sun light can pass out, fertilized soil having essential nutrients, amino acids and bacteria, snips, hand sprayer, shears, fertilizers, and organic feed, seeds and distilled water. Use gardening naturally voucher codes, to get extra discount on such equipment and save money.

How we can serve them?

We do not only have to seed the plants, or give them some place to live, all we have to do is to get some knowledge about them, before planting we have to understand their life cycle, to know how much food and water they need, and how much temperature they can take and ultimately the sunlight because most of the plants do not use sunlight, and some tends to get frequent exposure, excessive temperature can cause death to them, all the other factors like weather, sunlight, water, the quality of sand has to be taken into consideration in order to take better care for them.

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