Human Resource Trends 2020

The decade 2010s is over, and what 10 years it’s been for HR tech. Right from the flexible working hours to the rise of the gig economy, a tech solution wave has accelerated and automated HR processes and functions. This has permitted us to manage individuals like never before.

Presently we’re entering the 2020s; however, what significant HR tech trends can the HR department expect next?

Keep reading to know more about the emerging HR Trends in 2020.

  • Employee Engagement

It was one of the most significant trends in 2019 and will continue to be in trend in 2020. Engaged employees will work more enthusiastically, are less anxious to leave the organization, and understand the effect they make on others. GenZ employees need to be satisfied by making a significant impact. Key things to concentrate on for an extraordinary employer experience are Personal Development plans, Health and Wellbeing programs, Diversity and Inclusion and Recognition, and Awards.

  • HR Data: Metrics, Analytics and Data

HR experts should be adequately prepared to utilize more data and analytics to demonstrate how they value management. Metrics as of turnover rates or recruiting results will, at present, be valid, but it requires more data. For example, tracking productivity, programs/activities that will affect, and tracking mechanisms/filters to get the best employee out of the enormous pool. HR experts should manage more analysis and data tracking. HR pros need to have the best skills to analyze, predict, and work properly with the tools and data.

  • Flexible workspaces For the Workforce

Flexibility at work has been a central theme of the previous year, with flexible workspaces picking up in need of the organization.

They are allowing individuals the chance to tailor and modify their workplaces to best suit their working preferences. It will assist by improving employee productivity. In the year 2020, we will see that the modern office has developed beyond the physical place to turn into a function that could be carried from anyplace. This will provoke employers to reconsider the changes and adjustments per their organization policies.

The approaches comprise of right from flexible work options to offering work from home opportunities and hiring remote workers.

  • Feedback

The feedback culture is slowly turning out to be increasingly significant. All the feedbacks are an essential part of the work culture, whether you have the option to give them, to have the opportunity to receive them, individual or collective, horizontal, or vertical. Accurately recognizing and appreciating the employees’ efforts is also a part of the feedback. This is a crucial HR trend in 2020.

  • Gig Economy

The economy is inclining towards a labor centric market. Contractual labor or Freelancing is in high demand these days. It is a win-win scenario both for the employer and the employees. The company also saves extra logistic costs. What’s more, the employees get enabled with more prominent flexibility. They are free to pick the jobs they wish to do according to their interest.

Gig economy culture gives many lifestyle benefits as against traditional work structures.

  • How would we learn and create?

While the increase in demand for chatbots has been praised in expelling the everyday tedious tasks from numerous jobs. As a result of these technologies, on-job learning opportunities are eliminated. The entry-level experiences of the past, which empowered us to learn and rehearse our basic skills, eliminate with, leaving just work in the equation, which requires more significant levels of expertise.

HR needs to create learning techniques by not asking just, “How would we grow new digital skills in our workforce?”, yet more significantly, “How would we build up all the skills we need as AI wipes out many learning opportunities?”

  • Upskilling to put resources into team and business development

As the working environment keeps on advancing with new technologies and innovations, the employees are feeling the pressure to stay aware of the quick changes and the desires that follow. Companies will do well to guarantee their kin have the skills required for the future by putting resources into upskilling.

By helping the workforce further fortify their primary skills. It also increases in-demand skills identified with their jobs, along with interfacing them with chances to build their leadership skills, organizations will help train their employees to become leaders, managers, and specialists within their team. Prioritizing development and learning serve benefits for both the professional development of your workforce and the business development of your company.

  • Regular 1:1 Check-ins Are Welcome

Annual performance reviews are a formal, rare approach to examine your team performance. As a rule, they can be a tedious, useless approach to give feedback. They may even result in diminished employee commitment if somebody gets heaps of negative feedback with no warning.

So, why to adopt regular check-ins?

By deciding to adopt regular 1:1’s, you open up the lines of communication in an informal way. By providing regular feedback, you empower your group to be more honest and transparent with how they’re truly feeling. From here, you can address any worries and remain on target to arrive at objectives.

  • Artificial Intelligence

When you think of HR and AI, you may think about how the two relate. While AI is automating a portion of the application forms, for example, separating through applications to locate the most qualified candidates, HR will consistently require human elements. HR experts will turn out to be more educated, data-driven, and strategic in their jobs, and who doesn’t want that?

To Conclude

As HR is progressing, trends will continue to change. A few companies have just grasped the trends, while others are still to adjust to this change, is not able to foresee the future or absence of knowledge. Change consistently requires some time, and each company is basically unique. The genuine key to profiting from HR trends in 2020 isn’t embracing any change blindfolded, yet instead settling on careful decisions about what direction to follow.

Wish you all the luck!!!


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