How to win prizes in Whatsapp Lottery the complete guide

Inning a sum of money thanks to a tax receipt: this is the receipt lottery, an original system devised by the legislator to reduce the phenomenon of tax evasion by encouraging retail customers’ receipt. The initiative started as tables with the provision signed by the heads of the Customs and Monopolies Agency and the Revenue Agency, which has yet to be an issue. The departure in a few weeks is an extension provided by the Decree because initially, according to the Decree, Kbc head office mumbai the initiative should have started with a one-year postponement compared to the first date established by law.

Whatsapp lottery winner

Whatsapp Lottery on the website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

The operation falls within the scope of the tax innovations, which also include the electronic receipt in the broader context and of the tax document and data management processes. It is possible to register to obtain the KBC head office, which must be presented at the cash desk for each payment made with a We also recall that the Privacy Guarantor had expressed himself in favor of the prizes for adult consumers but also for merchants.

whatsapp Lottery Receipts, How it Works

The receipt lobe defines a reward for behaving correctly towards the tax authorities. However, we do not operate by encouraging the trader to adapt to the rules; we rely on customers. The receipt lottery is like a game or sweepstakes.

whatsapp Lottery receipts

The first draw was held for the first twenty winners among those who produce electronic receipts by buying and selling. The subsequent receipt lottery will be heel every second. The second held for purchases registered in the lottery system from the extractions has become weekly and will concern tickets generated by purchases made from the previous week. The exact date of the extraction will be communicated with a provision of the Director General of the Customs.

Basic Requirements to participate in Whatsapp Lottery

participating in the Lottery is free, provided you are of legal age and a resident of Italy and purchase goods or services from physical retail establishments with electronic payments. No online purchases, business expenses, or cash. This exclusion of cash is a novelty present, according to the latest draft: here, it will be specific that only purchases with electronic instruments are valid for the Lottery; no more cash as was expected before.

Whatsapp Lottery tickets for  Vouchers and  payments

Consequently, it will not be possible to participate in the Lottery of receipts with payments made via restaurant tickets and meal vouchers. Kbc helpline, you can only pay electronically: you cannot participate if you pay partly in cash and partly cashless.

Receipt lottery: how to do its work in whatsapp Lottery

it is unnecessary to keep the receipt, as clarified on the official Facebook profile of the Lottery of receipts. Indeed the lottery system will operate automatically, thanks to the user’s code. The user must register his tax code, memorize the lottery code he receives and then show it to merchants for purchase. They KBC Head Office Number will then have to record it before issuing the receipt. The new telematics recorders associate the code with the receipts and allow the buyer to participate in the Lottery.

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