How to promote your wedding planning business online?

Wedding planning can be a lucrative business but there is a lot you need to learn before starting your own business. It’s not enough to set up a FaceBook page and start waiting for clients. You will need to learn how to market your own business. If nobody knows who you are and what you do, no one is going to hire you. That’s what makes marketing the most important aspect of starting your wedding planning business.

There are various easy ways to promote your business online. We are going to discuss some of the most effective ones in this article. If you are still confused, you can always hire a digital marketing company to do the job for you.

Partner up with wedding vendors:

Weddings are large scale events. There are so many services required to make the event successful. You will always need to work with different types of professionals and businesses to arrange a perfect wedding.

Try to choose the best vendors with a good market reputation to partner up with. They will serve as the best marketing channels for your business. You can also help them by promoting their services to your clients in return. The best way to promote your wedding planning business through vendors is to get them to display your logos and business name on their promotional materials. You can ask them to tag your business profile whenever they share the picture of the event you both worked on in their social media and you can do the same in return.

Some of the vendors you can consider include designers, florists, photographers, caterers, wedding rings, and wedding dress providers.

Start a blog:

The majority of the couples head over to the internet while planning the perfect wedding. According to some surveys, more than 90% of the brides take wedding inspiration from the internet. Therefore, starting a blog would be a great help for you in promoting your business.

Your blog can serve the purpose of your main media channel. You can keep your blog active by writing regular blog posts on wedding-related topics. There is a lot you can cover, from wedding dresses to venue, food and much more. You can promote your business by linking your official website in the articles. Moreover, you can share the pictures of the events you have managed to make your blog attractive.

Keep the content relevant and promote your services at the end of the articles with a clear call to action. Add branding elements such as logo and your contact details where necessary.

Work on your brand identity:

Your brand identity is how your customers perceive your business. It should align with how you want your target audience to see your company. It’s very important for you to work on your brand identity as soon as you start your business. There are various elements you need to keep in mind while creating a brand identity that truly represents you. These elements include:

Brand name:

An appealing name you have chosen for your business


Your brand’s face that represents your vision and what you stand for


A sentence that explains what you do for the customers

Color and graphics:

Subtle colors and graphics that go with your niche and services you offer

Online Magazines and Publications:

Apart from Pinterest, women also rely on magazines and wedding publications for inspiration. You can also promote your business through such publications. To get featured in an online magazine, you need to hire a PR company with bloggers to get your business’s considerable social media coverage.

Hire a good SEO expert:

If you have a website to represent you online, you can get more leads by investing in good SEO. You can learn the basics of SEO yourself but it is always better to work with professionals because there’s so much you need to do as far as on-page and off-page optimization is concerned. SEO professionals or companies will revamp your website for technical issues like crawling, indexing, or loading speed. And they will also create good content with a focus on the right keywords and optimize landing pages for every service that you are offering. Last but not the least; they will build lots of quality links to improve your website’s performance in Google search results.

Be active on social media:

Social media generates a lot of traffic. Therefore, you need to work on your social media strategy to effectively promote your wedding planning business. You can engage your audience by creating unique and relevant content, running challenges and contests and posting wedding pictures from the events you have managed.

The Internet gives you an ideal platform to promote your small business. It is much cheaper than traditional marketing mediums like TV ads or billboards. All you need is to spend some time and slowly build relationships with other bloggers, businesses, and influencers.

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