How to prepare for ‘moving day’ the right way

While moving into a new house is an exciting adventure, the actual process of moving can be a stressful affair; especially so if you are not organized. The very thought of moving boxes piling up on your living room rug can set your pulse racing. Here are a few tips that can make the transition smooth and easy.

Getting up early on moving day

The advantage of getting up early on moving day is that you get a chance to have breakfast and are prepared well before the moving crew arrives. You have time for last-minute packing, and you can comfortably check all the rooms so that you don’t leave anything behind.

A first night bag is essential

It is easy to misplace things when you are moving. If you have a pile of boxes lying unopened on the floor, chances are it is going to take you the whole day to search for your favorite sweater. Unless you are organized, you will have a tough time hunting for the essentials after your move. So it’s best to keep a night bag handy. That way, you won’t have to go through all the boxes.

Don’t send your important papers and valuables with the moving truck

Keep a separate box for your papers and valuables. Take them with you when you move. This is essential, no matter how far your new home is.

It’s okay to ask your friends for help

Family and friends will be more than ready to help you in your move if you are feeling overwhelmed. They can not only help you with the actual packing and moving but even look after your pets and kids when you are moving.

Labeling helps

If your boxes are not labeled properly you are going to be facing major problems when you move to your new home. See that you label your boxes by room so that when the movers bring in the boxes, you know which room they go to. If you have not had the opportunity to clean your new home, keep the cleaning supplies handy.

An inventory sheet

Before you move, make an inventory of all the items. Note down the condition of all the items such as furniture or artifacts. This inventory will help you when the movers unload your furniture in your new home.

The matter of cash

Unexpected expenses can crop up on moving day. So it’s best to keep some cash in hand when you move. You may need refreshments on the way. After the movers have finished shifting your stuff into your new home, you will need to tip them.

You need to eat

On moving day, it is not going to be possible for you to cook a proper meal. You can make some sandwiches beforehand and pack them in a cooler with some refreshing drinks. If the journey is long, your kids may need to snack on the way. Keep some pretzels and chips handy. While you are at it, don’t forget the tissues.

Moving to a new home can be exhausting. With a bit of organization and planning, you can make sure your transition to a new home is smooth and stress-free.

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