How to make a gravel road?

Every one desire that he has a driveway in front of his house because the driveway is a plus point for a house. For this purpose, we need to contact with a Driveway paving company because an asphalt paving company can build a driveway for us professionally. In actual water and snow seep into your road and lost into the soil, while on a paved road this water flow away and your driveway may not has any mud, and you will identify well, around your home the land space is on one side and the car space will be on another side.

A gravel road is easy to build. It is said that gravel is used for the pedestrian path and also even for a driveway, cheaply. But there is a need to be careful if you want to pave your driveway yourself your path may not be practical. Here I am discussing some use full methods for road building process or making a driveway neat and clean easily.

Why do we want to make a driveway?

Now, first of all, we talk about the advantages of a gravel road. The gravel allows you to build your driveway quickly and maintainable as:

  1. If you have a gravel road in your garden it allows you to visit your garden without mud and dirtying your shoes.
  2. This road is very beautiful and can create beauty in your outdoor yard.
  3. The advantage of gravel driveway is cheap, compact and available in different colors.
  4. Also, you can build your gravel driveway, easily go to your garage or park your car outdoors.

Important: It is good to realize that to make a gravel driveway, you must undertake major earthworks. It may be better to use specialists for such a project. (Ask free questions from professionals in your area for the development of a gravel driveway)

What material to need to pave your driveway with gravel?

First, we should consider the types of road base material if you really want to pave your driveway with gravel then, first of all, you need to the following things:

  • A chalk stripe
  • Stakes of wood and strings
  • Gravel
  • A shovel
  • A rake
  • Geotextile strip (if your driveway is full with clay)
  • A roller
  • A transporter

Now you have to need to know how much gravel you need for your driveway make a plan for this and determine the surface of your driveway. Like ( let suppose 100 kg is required for paving one m² ) or to get rid of all these steps simply contact with your nearest driveway paving company.

The process to make a driveway with gravel:

If you have free time and want to make your driveway yourself you can make especially if it is a simple driveway of your garden. For the good result you should have to follow the following steps:

The establishment of an alleyway

Here are some important tips to pave your driveway by planning alleyway

  • A good driveway is that leaving your deck or door and allow you to move through the garden in touching the grass.
  • What type of gravel you prefer.
  • Plan a width of 3 to 4 meters. If pedestrian one-meter width is enough.
  • To make a modern driveway set it straight aisle, perfect parallel.

Clay preparation

It is also necessary to step to know the preparation of soil before you start to put gravel for your driveway, here are some important steps for the preparation the soil of your driveway.

  • Now with the help of shovel dig your driveway soil about 12 cm for a pedestrian and about 25 to 30 cm for the driveway.
  • When the soil is dug, rake to get a good level surface, and clear any rocks.
  • Now press the driveway with the help of compactor roller for good flat surface
  • If on your driveway there is clay and you want to use geotextile then unroll the geotextile on the surface of your driveway. It also prevents grass from growing from your driveway.
  • Now if you want to use a border around your driveway it is the time border should be placed on the geotextile.

If you want to make a long gravel driveway you may use an excavator taking on rent, or use an outside Driveway paving contractor, that help you in this work.

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Final step laying gravel

Now after the soil preparation, you have to follow these steps to complete your work.

Take the gravel from the market as your estimate.

                        Here are some tips to spread the gravel:

  • If your driveway holds water, you just have to make a slight slope so that water not gathered on the driveway 
  • You should have a wheelbarrow, to spread the gravel equally on the driveway
  • Now spread the gravel with the help a shovel and gambler, everywhere on the geotextile
  • When the gravel is distributed well now pass the compactor roller to smooth it
  • Spread the 2nd layer of gravel and compress it again with compacter roller

Now finally your driveway is ready to use enjoy it.

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