How to engage your LinkedIn audience?

Linkedin has always been there for businesses and professional whenever they were in need of generating leads, bringing good employees to the company, promoting the product, expansion and so on and so forth. Due to the advent of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and the enormous amount of audience they cater to, gradually the businesses have shifted their focus to such casual social media platforms for their B2B needs.

According to a report by TrackMaven, despite the fact that B2B business has 36 times more followers on Linkedin than Instagram, the latter still provides 20 times more engagement than the former. Between follower number and engagement, engagement has always been weighed higher on the scale and is the primary objective behind social media marketing.

More than 50% customer purchases for their requirement from the company with whom they are engaged. Does low engagement mean that Linkedin is out of business?

The answer is a clear NO!

Linkedin on the other hand accordingly to a commercial by Linkedin, it is one of the fast-growing business networks with more than 560 million users from over 200 countries having an active user base of over 105 million users.

You have the audience available at the platform all you need to do is tweak your content right as per the audience demands and you are good to go la la la!

Here are some ways as to how you can engage your LinkedIn audience with an improved content strategy;

Know Your Audience well!

The first step to creating an audience engaging content is to understand what is your audience? It is important to know whom are you going to interact with and what are their interest areas and only then you will be able to provide a breakthrough content that will bring you like shares and comments on your content.

One should understand that the audience available to their disposal consists of professionals, corporates, SME’s and startups. There will always be a disconnect if you post uninteresting, informal or personal content. LinkedIn is all about being professional!

Those associated with LinkedIn all always up and looking for opportunities to connect to the best people or content on the platform. Get your content games right to be noticed and this is what suggests a study from Forbes.

Analyze the LinkedIn insights available to you about the previous post and that will help you to build the right content strategy for your audience.

What’s in for them?

No doubt that LinkedIn is all about being professional but not to forget that emotions play a greater role in driving a business decision. Infact, 50% of business decisions are driven by emotional and how you personify a brand or a product.

It is inevitable to create a content that would stand out from the routine boring ones and be highlighted. An article that would spark an emotion to the user is the best one you should offer. A study about Neuroscience conducted by Roger Dooley reveals that an emotionally targeted campaigns result in a whopping 100% more results by outperforming the rationally targeted campaigns.

Another thing that companies need to understand is LinkedIn is way different than what Instagram is! Though the audience might be the same their set of expectation is different from LinkedIn.

Have a look at few insights that would help you post better content on LinkedIn based on their internally conducted study:

Posting Parameters

Once you have good content to be posted, a few questions would arise in your mind; let us look at those mind-boggling questions and answers to them!

When to post?

Timing is everything! No matter how awesome your post is but if it isn’t shared at the right time, it will be lost in the darkness of the niche. According to a study conducted by Hubspot, just like everyone feels that business posts should be done during business hours, the study conducted shows the most surprising results;

  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the relevant timings are morning 7:30-8:30 AM, 12:00 PM in the afternoon and  5:00-6:00 PM in the evening.
  • The highest LinkedIn engagement is between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Tuesday.

How to post?

Your post should look attractive to grab user attention. Users will always judge your post based on how eye-catching it looks to them to step back and have a closer look. According to a study carried out by QuickSprout,

A post that has a video is shared 75% more than the regular ones.

Posts that have an image produce 98% more engagement.

Wrap up!

LinkedIn is as important to the business as Instagram and Pinterest. With the enormous opportunity that lie within the platform, playing your content game right can bring you good business and branding benefits.

Author Bio: Noel is an Expert SEO Consultant at Eminent InfoWeb LLP which is a SEO Company India, who is focused on developing businesses to expand sales online through increased website traffic and conversions. He also likes to share his knowledge through his content and has written down many articles related to Digital Marketing.

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