How to Best Hoverboards in world

If you don’t know how a hoverboard works but you want to buy it, if you don’t know how to choose it but you want it. If you don’t know if it’s for you but you want to know more, this is the guide that will answer all these questions, starting from the most frequent.

This self-balancing two-wheeled personal transporter is a popular toy for kids and adults alike. The Hoverboard comes with a remote control to help riders get around.

GeekMe Electric

Aviation aluminum alloy frame, with two 350 watt motors and 8.5 inch inflatable solid rubber tires, perfect both on the beach and on the street. Flashing LED lights in the rear and a bluetooth hoverboards connection to listen to your favorite music while cruising the city on the hoverboard. Including anti-theft and app control to have everything under control, it has an autonomy of 15 minutes and a battery that recharges in 3 hours .

Two dots Lamborghini Glyboard Corse

It weighs 15 kg with dimensions of 66.7x22x23 centimetres. UL 2272 certification which certifies its safety and compliance with regulations, autonomy of one hour if it immediately reaches the maximum speed of 15 km/h . It can carry up to 120 kg and fully recharges in 3 and a half hours . Made of plastic, it has two motors of 400 watts each with double independent gyroscopes.
Hoverboards 6.5 Inch SUV
In the best conditions (net, therefore, of hills or terrain that is not particularly fluid) it reaches a speed of 13 km/h . Also comfortable in the countryside thanks to the 6.5-inch Off Road aluminum wheels . It can tilt up to 15% should the need arise and has two motors with a power of 350 watts each .

RCB Hoverboards

Adjustable hoverboard that can transform into a scooter or a go kart. The 4-inch wheel is silent and very durable. The bearings are comfortable to make driving smooth while the 700 Watt brushless motor provides high performance such that it can reach 15 km / h . Innovative safety system with an integrated intelligent gravity sensor. Finally, it includes LED light to be able to drive it even at night and a bluetooth connection.


Light indicators keep you updated on both battery status and when it’s on or off. It also includes the bluetooth hoverboards speaker which will allow you to listen to your favorite music while you are using it . The motor, with a power of 350 watts, also makes the hoverboard reach a speed of 15 km/h .

Nilox Doc 2

It can support within a maximum of 100kg and reach a speed of 10km/h . It is suitable for both women and men. The diameter of the wheel is 6.5″ while the battery. Rechargeable in 3 hours , lasts up to 12 km. It has two motors with a power of 180 watts each , made of plastic Weighs 11 kg and has dimensions of 18x58x17 centimetres.

BEBK Hoverboards 6.5

A speed that can reach up to 12 km per hour and an autonomy that varies between 15 and 20 km , it has 6.5” large wheels. The hoverbaord uk 36V 4.0AH lithium-ion battery recharges in about 2 hours , the frame is made of aluminum and plastic. The weight is less than 10 kg, precisely 9.5 kg .

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