How Can You Highlight The Most Sellable Features Of Your Rental Property?

You will agree with us if we say that every property is different and so are its features that make it stand out from the rest. But it is a challenge to bring those to the forefront to attract new tenants or renters. To highlight these features, all you need are minimal photography skills and budget. The best way of property management in London is believed to be communication.

If you can communicate your features equitably to your tenants and renters, you will be able to rent your property quite soon. It is essential that you are able to show the best features of your property to the renters so that they trust you and like to rent your property.

First impressions are lasting. This means that the way you present your property to your tenants is important and must be taken care of. Every tenant has a different requirement and he/she thinks that your property fulfills his/her requirements; he/she would want to invest in your property as a tenant.

It is all about highlighting the right features to attract the right tenants. You can even build a brand for yourself by creating engaging videos, Instagram posts and more. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to prepare your rental property.

  1. Attractive Photographs
    If you want to highlight the most sellable features of your property, you must click and share the photos of the right features of your property that will attract potential tenants. From design-focused to functional features, you can highlight any of the features for your audience. You can focus on new appliances, crown molding, newly renovated areas of the home, large outdoor or patio space, etc. If you want to make sure that tenants see your property from every angle, you can put the images into a collage.
  2. Virtual Home Tours
    A virtual tour is an amazing option for highlighting your property. You can create a video with your phone and upload it on YouTube. You can even go live on social media websites. Either way, you get a great opportunity to engage your potential tenants. Keep an eye on the comments to answer the questions, if any. If you are creating videos on a social media channel, don’t forget to upload them on your YouTube channel too. You can even create different sections for each of your rental properties so that if anyone is interested in your listings, they can take a glance at the walking tours whenever they want.
  3. Share High-Quality Images Only
    Photography is the key feature of attracting tenants. You must make sure that the pictures that you click are in the highest quality. You don’t even require an expensive camera or photography experience. Your smartphone is enough to capture great expert-quality pictures. Everyone doesn’t have an SLR or DSLR cameras, and if you have a smartphone with a great camera, you can click photos that are enough to attract potential tenants. That clearly means that you don’t have to spend a lot on sharing high-quality photos of your rental property.
  4. Use Data for Highlighting
    We cannot with the facts. So, it is a great tactic to highlight the most sellable features using data. Here is what you can add in your ads and listings:
    Walkscore: This is a great feature for the tenants, who want to have easy accessibility to the nearby retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, etc. The thing is to know the right time to highlight these.
    Crime Stats: When a tenant is moving to a new city from another city, he won’t be known to the crime rates of your city. If your city’s crime rates are notably below average, don’t forget to include them. This is what most families or people moving alone will consider.
    Property’s Age: If it is your new property that you are renting, make that clear in your post. Tenants don’t want to waste time on repairs when they move in. Tenants are more often attracted to the new properties that won’t break soon or require repairs.
  5. Tenant Testimonials
    Only your tenants can tell about the most appealing features of your property because they have lived there. If you have a good relationship with your tenants, you can ask them to write a few lines discussing the features that they liked the most about your rental property. Everyone would have liked different things about your property that they can write about. This way, you can provide a wide perspective of your property. From your social media account to the listing page, you can feature these.

It is not difficult to feature the right highlights of your property. You just need the right strategy and ideas that capture the essence of your property; hence building a brand for yourself and attracting more people. It is very important that you portray your property in the right manner to your tenants to ensure that interested, potential tenants. Renting out your property is clearly in your hands. So, whatever you do, make sure you do it right.

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