Housewarming Gifts – How To Mix Business And Pleasure

Undoubtedly many of us, at least once invited to the celebration to the new settlers, suffered from the problem of choosing a gift. What should be a housewarming gift? “Useful,” many will answer and will be right. Of course, it is customary for newcomers to give the necessary things that have valuable practical application. However, at the same time, I want the gift to be beautiful, original, and remind of who presented it. Readers of the article will learn how to combine business with pleasure in solving this problem. We will share ideas of practical and uncommon gifts to a new home, give examples, and advise on choosing.

Gifts for newcomers – options for life and soul

Choosing a housewarming gift for friends or relatives is not an easy task. You can follow a well-worn path and give a traditional present – dishes, household appliances, home textiles. However, such a gift is unlikely to be unique: one of the guests will surely present something similar. On the other hand, an excessive desire for originality to the detriment of practicality can lead to the fact that the thing will gather dust in the pantry: the owners will not find a use for it. The conclusion is this: you need to choose something useful, but approach this problem creatively. Below are a few ideas of original, valuable gifts that will surely find a worthy place in a new house. For convenience, we have grouped them by purpose.

For everyday life: a useful gift to every home

In such a prosaic field as gifts for everyday life, it would seem difficult to come up with something unusual. The imagination of givers rarely extends beyond household appliances and dishware. However, it turns out that even here, you can find innovative ideas for useful gifts. A household appliance is not necessarily an iron, a vacuum cleaner or an electric kettle. A slow cooker and a coffee machine are already old hats either. There are much more exciting gadgets for the kitchen and not only.

  • An air fryer will cook crisps without harmful oil – using hot air treatment. With this device, your favorite food will be healthy. In the air fryer, you can bake vegetables, meat, cook pastries, etc.
  • The fondue set will become an assistant in organizing a feast with an unusual atmosphere. A practical host will surely like the idea of ​​cooking a hot dish from available products. There are sets for cheese or chocolate fondue, as well as universal options.
  • Those who care about proper nutrition will appreciate a yogurt maker. With its help, you can cook a healthy dessert with natural ingredients.

Furniture is another category of practical gifts. Of course, this is not about a sofa or living room sets, but about small forms:

  • A tray table is a perfect option for serving breakfast in bed. Such a gift is suitable for a young married couple. Portable tables are often made with folding legs, so they do not take up much space. The accessory can also be used as a stand for a laptop.
  • A bookcase is a convenient storage system for things that have nowhere to put. Books, magazines, boxes and caskets, figurines, dishes, and other various things will take up space on shelves and will not clutter up space. The shelves are presented in different styles – from classic to hi-tech.
  • A flower stand is a useful gift because there are indoor plants in almost every house. By location, it can be either floor or wall.

A useful, inexpensive gift can be a set of kitchen details. Unusual dishes, sushi sets, jars for spices and bulk products, all kinds of devices for cutting and cleaning invariably occupy the top positions in the list of housewarming presents. The idea itself is not new, but if you show imagination in the selection and presentation, you can find a non-standard solution.

For beauty: usefulness is not the only thing that matters

Gifts from this category can hardly be called useful: many of them have no practical use. However, aesthetics is no less critical when designing an interior. Gifts “for beauty” should be chosen especially carefully, and if you are not well acquainted with the taste of the heroes of the occasion, it is better to go the other way. For those who do not doubt the aesthetic preferences of the owners of the house, we offer several ideas.

  • Painting is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to decorating a house. The idea is not as trivial as it seems at first glance. Instead of the classic canvas/oil version (watercolor, pastel, acrylic), you can buy a stacked canvas made of wood or natural stones as a gift to new settlers, and replace the traditional genres of landscape and still life with an abstraction. A modern alternative to the usual picture is a photograph printed on canvas or a poster.
  • Interior watch is a universal gift. A variety of models allows you to choose an accessory in any style. Sizeable wooden floor clocks are an attribute of luxury that is appropriate in the living room, and metal desk clocks are a spectacular detail in the furnishings of an office or library. Among the wall models, there are not only classic but also made in the modern style, high-tech. They will fit into the interior of any room.
  • Statuettes, figurines, floor vases, mini fountains are another popular group of interior gifts. Not everyone likes these things: some believe that such items only clutter up the room. Give them only if you are sure that the owners of the house will approve your choice.

For comfort: creating “weather in the house.”

Cute cozy little things create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house, but not all of them are good as gifts. So, it is customary for newcomers to give bed linen and sets of towels. On the one hand, such things are always needed, on the other – they do not have individuality. It is hardly suitable for a gift and curtains: this is what the owners usually choose on their own. However, some home textiles and other comfort attributes can be useful and original housewarming gifts.

  • A cushioned chair does not fit into any interior – for example, in a classic living room, it is hardly appropriate. But if the owners decided to design an apartment in a country style, minimalism or fusion, such a thing will add coziness and will not dissonant with the decor.
  • Decorative pillows come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Find out in what style the interior design of the new house is made, and choose the suitable option, since there are many of them.

For creativity and entertainment: benefit plus pleasure

If the owners of a new apartment are creative people, you will not have to puzzle over a gift. Knowing what the hero of the occasion is fond of, it is easy to buy a thing that will delight him.

  • Such gifts can be either specific – for certain types of creativity, or universal. Kits for creativity are diverse: with their help, you can master any needlework and create unique designer items to decorate the interior, whether it is an embroidered pillow, wall tapestry, and patchwork or decoupage furniture.
  • The organizer is an essential thing for needlewomen and hand-made artisans. A roomy drawer with compartments is convenient for storing materials and tools. In it, every little thing will find its place, and the mistress will not have to spend time searching. The wall organizer will become an original detail of the interior.
  • There are a lot of board games and puzzles, and among them, there are exciting options – you can choose for every taste. Plaid will warm the hosts in cold weather and give even more comfort. Lovers of classics can present the traditional version in a cage and as a housewarming gift for a young family; an original blanket for two is suitable.

Let there be light in the new house!

In the old days, there was a custom to bring fire from the stove to a new home: this served as a guarantee of well-being. Today, in continuation of the good tradition, it is customary for newcomers to give a chandelier or a lamp as the embodiment of a home. What nuances should be considered when choosing such a gift?

  • Type of location. Lamps are ceiling, wall, floor, and table. If the owners of the house have already bought a chandelier, you can present a floor lamp or sconce in the appropriate style as a gift. A perfect solution would be a table lamp. Lights of this type attract with versatility, multi-functionality, and ease of choice. They are suitable for the study, and the bedroom, and the nursery, and a range of design solutions will allow you to choose a gift for every taste. Another attractive option, suitable for a private house, is a street lamp.
  • Sizes. Choose a lighting fixture according to the dimensions of the room. The massive chandelier looks good in a spacious living room, but it is not suitable for a small room.
  • Style. The variety of lighting options is impressive. In addition to classic models in stores, you can find original modern chandeliers in the methods of hi-tech, loft, minimalism, etc. Street lamps made in the form of art objects are exciting and unusual. There is only one rule: according to the stylistic decision, the gift should not contradict the general concept of the interior design of the room.
  • Technical standards and quality. Interior decoration is essential, but not the only function of the lamp: it has a practical purpose. Before making a purchase, check how the device works. Make sure it provides comfortable lighting. Pay attention to the number of lamps and their type: the brightness and color spectrum depends on this. The material from which the lamp is made is also essential. It defines not only style but also reliability, durability, safety. Quality chandeliers are made of metal (steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze), crystal, and high-strength glass.

A useful and necessary gift at the same time can be original, but the main thing is that the hero of the occasion should like it. The modern designer lamp will no doubt fit into the interior of the new apartment and will please the newcomer. If you are not entirely sure about the choice of model, the gift certificate, which can be purchased at the lighting store, will solve the problem.

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