Highlights of the great manager awards program

Organizations having Great Managers in India are identified, honored, and recognized by the Great Manager Awards Program. By transforming their businesses into excellent places to work for great managers, the member organizations in this program can assess and benchmark themselves and their managers against others in the industry. Thus the great manager awards program is a very good initiative to facilitate the best managers in a particular place.

Two categories are included in the Great Manager Award program


  • Evaluation of the organizations by Companies with Great ManagersTM
  • Assessing the individual managers in Hunt for Great ManagersTM.

The R-OPTITM Model is used to assess all participating businesses and managers. The result is based on thorough investigation and meticulous analysis of the five components used in the R-OPTI model developed to define a Great Manager as the foundation for this model.

The five essential components are as follows: 


  • R-Drives Outcomes: An excellent manager makes sure that the intended results are attained by
  • O- Aligning Organizational Vision: His or her actions are in line with the strategies of the organization.
  • P- Enhancing People Performance: S/he is capable of motivating team members’ performance.
  • T- Increasing Team Effectiveness: Align the team with shared objectives, foster strong relationships, and support efficient teamwork.
  • I- Sustaining Individual Credibility: S/he has a high level of personal credibility that inspires confidence and authority.

The role of HR in the growth of a company: It is essential to modify a consultant’s approach to addressing problems in the various functions that can improve business performance in the current economic climate, where the role of the HR Manager is continuing to become more strategic in nature. By managing the company’s most precious asset, its employees effectively, the human resources department may help with organizational structure and the capacity to satisfy business needs.

The HR department consists of several disciplines, and human resources managers employed by small businesses may handle multiple responsibilities at once in relation to the five key areas of talent management.

HR Conformity: Keeping businesses out of trouble with federal, state, and local laws requires a team dedicated to monitoring the complicated and always-changing employment and labor rules. When a company violates the law, applicants or workers may file claims alleging unfair hiring and employment practices or dangerous working conditions. The compliance professional or team must be completely knowledgeable of employment laws.

Management of talent: The HR department’s talent management staff has a wide range of responsibilities. The hardest workers in any company’s workforce-building process are the recruiters. They are in charge of the entire hiring process, which includes advertising open positions on job boards, finding prospects at job fairs and on social media, and acting as the initial point of contact for conducting background checks to screen applicants.

The young HR leader awards are organized for the young talented human resource managers who are too good at their work and have contributed significantly to the growth of the company. There are several benefits that the HR managers serve to the company. They look after the recruitment process and shortlist only those candidates that are suitable for the job. They choose only those candidates who are willing to work towards organizational goals with complete dedication. This is the reason why HR managers play an important role in the growth of a company.

The benefits of HR consultancy in India: It’s nearly impossible to keep up with the constant changes being made to employment laws and regulations in the modern era as they are enacted. Additionally, until your company starts to grow and things start to get out of control, it is easy to manage on your own.

 Generally speaking, you can have an HR consulting firm take over the entire HR department of your business or hire them for specific HR tasks where you need their help.

  •   Less Stress with Outsourcing: One of the biggest advantages or benefits for businesses is using human resource consulting firms, which offer a variety of HR functions. Your business can save money by outsourcing some straightforward payroll or benefits administration, which will handle the majority of your HR requirements. As you concentrate on other tasks, this can encourage overall performance growth within your department.
  •   Good business environment: For a business to succeed and expand, it is crucial to ensure employee satisfaction and to solicit their candid feedback. Your company’s culture can be made to endure by partnering with a human resources consulting agency. Your HR consultant may assist you in gaining insight into the state of the workplace by examining factors such as employee happiness, contentment, and conduct.
  •   Work is easily divided: Employers can relax knowing that all of the work required to manage employee benefits is no longer their responsibility. Businesses can make sure that their whole HR duties are successfully handled by engaging with an HR consultancy service. If your employer doesn’t already have one in place, they can even assist with setting one up. Your designated consultant could get in touch with insurance companies to whittle down the available choices and provide information on various packages that are tailored to your needs and within your price range. These are some of the benefits of HR consultancy in India.


Given how quickly and often the HR sector is changing, it might be challenging to find reliable information from peers in this field. Here, reputable HR advisors can be quite helpful. It will save you time and maybe thousands of dollars in the long run to have a professional to help you navigate the hiring process and ensure that you are abiding by local and state rules.

The HR department of the business can start out strong with the aid of HR Consultancy Services. Companies might even be able to save time and money. The most obvious benefit of HR consulting is that it spares the hassle of hiring an internal HR specialist, which can be expensive and riskier, particularly if your business does not yet have HR processes in place.

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