Furniture trends for 2019
As we stepped into the new year, it is high time to discuss what fashion experts think the newest trends are when it comes to furnishing your home. Since it is only January, take this opportunity to give your home a fresh look. By embracing new trends and saying goodbye to old ones, anyone will feel the joys of the new year! If you are wondering what these awesome trends are, read on and do not forget to take notes!

  1. Organic materials
    One of the biggest trends that everyone seems to be raving about is bringing elements of the outdoors into your home. We are talking about materials such as wood, stone, and anything that radiates nature. As a matter of fact, organic can be anything that is made from natural materials. This trend is perfect for individuals who consider themselves wild spirits who choose green living as a lifestyle. Not only are materials such as this natural looking, but as it happens, they are probably done with fewer chemicals than others. Another organic element that can be added to any room would be for example recycled glass bead chandeliers. Such a statement piece can add a ton of interest to any plain looking room.
  2. Feminine and jewel tones
    If you are a fan of cold, greyish tones, then we have some bad news for you. Gray is not trendy anymore. To switch things up, the trend of feminine and jewel tones is one that should not be left out in 2019. Aim for colors such as dusty pink, lavender or bronze. Blush tones add a touch of warmth to any area. To evoke a feeling of elegance, others might go for jewel tones. The good thing about jewel tones is that they go well with other neutral colors, whilst adding a regal feel.
  3. 90% white with a pop of color

Furniture trends for 2019 pattern

For achieving a bold look, the all-white trend with pops of color is the way to go. A lot of magazines feature this look which is mainly built on pieces that are all white. To make it look more interesting and appealing, specs of color can be added here and there. Imagine this: A room with a white sofa, table, and curtains. The only thing that brings out attention is a bright pink carpet. A look like this is not only trendy but unique. Why not go even further and invest in a cost-efficient recliner massage chair? Such a piece can be a great addition to any area and not only does it look good but it is amazing for relaxing after a long day.

  1. Optical prints
    Prints that draw attention are becoming more and more popular, and this is happening for a good reason. Bold prints such as abstract patterns add an element of illusion to furnishings. Whenever you will have guests around, it is almost certain that they will complement the whole area. Nevertheless, it is important not to overdo the decoration. Even though optical prints look cool, a lot of the times they may seem overwhelming. Remember to keep it simple and make it fun.
  2. Terrazzo prints
    Another popular trend that has to do with prints is the notorious terrazzo. Incorporating this print into your home can add a lot of fun and playfulness. Combining strong patterns such as this with others can be tricky, so it is recommended that for the sake of simplicity, one does not mix and match too much. Nonetheless, Adding terrazzo stone can give a timeless feel, and it is most certainly a trend that is going to be a big hit in 2019.
  3. Black bathrooms
    If you are tired of conventional all-white bathrooms that look like the ones that you can see at saunas, then here is some good news. Finally, more and more people have been ditching plain white bathrooms and instead of going for the all-black look. Such a design is not only elegant, but it is bold and sultry. If you want to get a high-end experience while having a shower, then this trend is perfect for you.
  4. Floral fabrics

Furniture trends for 2019 tables

For people who want to get more in touch with their feminine side or individuals who like flowers and anything that gives off a nature-inspired look, the trend of floral fabrics and floral wallpapers is a perfect choice. Such a design is perfect for evoking romance and giving a boho vibe to any home. For more of a twist, there is the option of layering patterned fabrics. If done correctly, the end result will be a mix of modern and vintage. Another great idea is to combine the trend of floral fabrics with the trend of feminine tones. The bottom line is that the trend of floral fabrics will be one of the most popular trends all year around.

All in all, by getting rid of old trends that seem to give off an immature and tacky look, switch up your home or any area with some of these newest trends. Remember to embrace the new and have fun while doing it!

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