Fab Fashion for Mother Of The Bride

Most people don’t really realize just how much the mother of the bride has on her plate. Yes, as a mother you were once in the bride’s position, but you probably didn’t realize just how much your mother did during the time. In fact, it usually is the mother of the bride that ends up doing most of the grunt work (including the wedding suits for her husband and other sons). She will do the planning, scheduling, and making sure that timelines are met. Above all else, she will have to choose a stunning dress that turns heads without overshadowing the bride to be. Of course, this is never easy to do, but with the following fab fashion tips, you won’t have a problem finding the perfect dress for your daughter’s big occasion.

Sexy and Chic

Just because you are the mother of bride it doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy and chic. And, nothing turns heads like sexy and chic. You can achieve this very look with a satin face chiffon dress. To spice this up even further go for a dress that features a jewel neckline and sheath skirt. Accent the layer with beautifully made lace on the bodice and throw in a sash at the waist and you will certainly be turning heads without overshadowing the bride.

Take Advantage Of Two Tone Colors

There is no set rule that says the mother of the bride gowns has to be one single color. A two-tone dress can really go a long way and show off some of your best assets. However, this kind of ensemble can be tricky because you have to make sure that you choose two colors that mesh well together as well as meshing with your skin tone and the wedding colors. Two colors that usually go well together are black as the main color with a bodice inside color of ivory.

Go Knee-Length

There is also no set rule that says the cheap mother of the bride dresses have to be lengthy and long. In fact, a knee-length dress might the perfect dress for a beach or summer wedding. There are tons of styles and designs that you can choose from that will really shine. Such dresses made with lace and combine with stretch lining are worth taking advantage of. This in combination with a boat neckline, ¾ sleeves, and a ruffled flare design on the edge of the skirt will work wonders.

A-Line Skirt

The A-line skirt has always been a popular choice for many mothers of the bride, but the A-lines with the right accents could really make you stand out. Combining A-line skirts with v-necks and v-back, thick straps, and sequin lace bodices will really make any mother of the bride look beautiful for her daughter’s big day. To top the look off the whole look choose a matching chiffon shawl.

Stretch Lining Dresses

Stretch lining dresses look excellent on the mother of the bride, but if you combine them with flattering flared skirts and long, fitted sequin lace sleeves, you will certainly make an appearance. A good thing about this type of dress is that it will look good in any color.

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