Difference between Civil Servant and Public Servant

The Chinese Wall is not only a wall, but it is also a defensive structure as it contains fortresses, clock towers and beacon towers.

The China Wall or the Great Wall of China is a series of walls from the east to the west of China. The historical northern borders of China. It is about 13,000 miles long. 

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The main purpose of the construction of the wall is from raids and invasions from outsiders of Chinese states and empires. Had to protect. In addition, it assists in border control, regulation of trade, control of immigration and emigration and the enforcement of duties on goods.

Parts of the wall were introduced as early as the 7/99th century BC; These were later made bigger and stronger. The walls were built by different dynasties to protect their territories. Most of the wall we see today was built by the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). According to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China, the wall spans 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

Stone, clay, sand and brick were the main materials used for construction; Wood was also used as an auxiliary material

The Chinese Wall is not only a wall, but it is also a defensive structure as it contains fortresses, clock towers and beacon towers.

Mexico Wall – Facts

Mexico wall is the proposed wall along the border of Mexico and the United States 25

On January 1, 2017, US President Donald Trump officially announced the construction of the Mexico Wall. The main purpose of this construction is to keep drug factories from the United States and prevent illegal immigration. The Mexico-United States border is one of the world’s highest-crossing international border, and covers 1,989 miles, covering various areas. 

According to Mr. Trump, the wall will be about 1000 miles long because some boundaries are already protected from natural barriers. However, about one-third of the border (about 650 miles) is already a series of walls and fences, which were used during previous government projects. Was made Specific details such as the design, cost, environmental impact, etc. of this proposed wall have not been officially announced yet. 

Nevertheless, there are many speculations about the construction; Most experts say that the wall will be made of concrete and it will cost about 10-25 billion dollars.

The two concepts of public servants and civil servants are very confusing in any study as public administration. The two are similar to each other. The reason to understand the two concepts clearly is that some students treat them as interchangeable. There are significant differences that need attention, despite the similarity that is wrong.

What is common to both a civil servant and a public servant is the fact that they are both officers in government departments, and although they are called servants, they are in fact racist and brought up to feel better for the common people.

Both have an umbrella of safety in the sense that their job is guaranteed, whether they are average or poorly performing, and this sense of security makes them arrogant in their behavior towards the common people.

Technically speaking, a civil servant is a government official as a bank officer, although the major difference relates to the level of control. A civil servant is always a part of the administration, and thus, rising above other public servants even, a nurse working in a government hospital qualifies to be a government employee, though he is called a District Magistrate ( DM), which belongs to the category of civil servants. 

There are many differences between scales and non-payment of salaries; There are different sets of rules and regulations for appointment and promotion for both civil servants as well as government employees.

  • Civil servants are a type of government employee.
  • Both are labeled as servants, although they are administrators and officers who perform various duties.
  • There are considerable differences in the rules and regulations governing their recruitment and promotion.
  • Civil servants are above other government employees

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Civil servants at the federal level are selected through the Union Public Service Commission, while each state has its own Public Service Commission to select civil servants and press for service at the state level. Those selected through the UPSC can receive postings in public departments across India, and this is decided initially with the cadres they meet.

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